Herbal Vaporizers

Always growing in popularity among Cannabis users, a Vaporizer has perhaps been the biggest innovation in the industry as a whole. Whether you’re a lifelong consumer of cannabis, or a novice, new to the substance, you’ll definitely have seen all sorts of vaporizers from larger handheld devices to small pocket friendly cartridge systems


At their core, vaporizers work by heating material to a specific temperature that causes vaporization but does not burn it. This process helps preserve the flavour of the material, while also providing a more potent experience -- when compared to traditional burning methods. Vaporizers also allow for a greater sense of portability and discretion, as they produce a more subdued odour and the vapour that is exhaled quickly dissipates in the air.

Ultimately, using a vaporizer offers vapers a host of distinct advantages that can drastically improve their cannabis consumption experience. The ability to consume cannabis with discretion, as well as the more potent experience, makes vaporizers a compelling option for the majority of cannabis users. It should also be noted that vaporizers also provide a more economical experience for users, as they use far less material and only require a few replaceable pieces.

When looking at vaporizers, also known as wax pens, there are several factors you need to consider to optimize your vaping experience. While all these devices function in a similar manner, meaning they heat material to the point of vaporization, they do differ in terms of power, size, battery capacity, and overall performance. These factors play heavily into the design of a weed vaporizer, with various models placing greater importance on certain design elements to better achieve a specific style of vaping with a vaporizer.

For the purposes of simplicity, we’ll break vaporizers into two distinct, but defining categories; portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. As the names suggest, the two types of vaporizers are primarily distinguished by where the device can be used, but also designated the ways in which the vaporizer draws power. Looking first at portable vaporizers, this style of vaporizer runs off battery power and allows users to vape on the go. On the other hand, desktop vaporizers do require power from a wall outlet, but often come with more temperature settings, allowing for a greater sense of control.

Desktop Vaporizers

Large and power hungry, these vaporizers may seem like relics of the past, but they actually offer a lot of potential to cannabis users, especially those that may not be concerned with vaping on the go. The technology driving this style of vaporizer is often more advanced, especially in terms of power output and temperature moderation. These advanced features give the vaper the ability to truly optimize their vaporizer for their vaping needs. Desktop vaporizers also have the ability to hold more cannabis, making them ideal for group vaping sessions, or extended personal use.

Some of these vaporizers are divided based on how the user inhales the vapour created by the device. Devices such as the Volcano, utilize a balloon and valve system to hold vapour, while other devices utilize a hose system that connects directly to the device. Neither system is distinctly superior over the other and the choice to use either is completely up to the user.

Portable Vaporizers

As the name suggests, this style of vaporizer is meant to be carried by a person and can be used while away from home. These vaporziers draw their power from internal batteries that can be charged once they are empty. While still quite technologically advanced, these devices will often have fewer temperature control settings, when compared to desktop devices, but this sacrifice comes in the name of portability. Many portable vaporizers also have the ability to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates, making them slightly more versatile for vapers.

When looking at portable vaporizers, there are several different styles of of device available on the market. This can include more traditional pen-style devices, as well as larger battery operated mods that are meant to be recharged and used again. There is also a distinction to be made over what the device can vaporize, with mods like the PAX 3 working with all types of materials, while the Yocan Evolve Plus XL works only with dry herb. Ultimately, all these factors will play a definite role in what portable vaporizer you choose, so be sure to take special consideration to the features offered by whatever type of vaporizer you’re looking at.

Vaporizer Accessories

While everything included with your cannabis vaporizer should be enough to get you started, there are still some items that will need to be replaced or will aid in the overall performance of your vaporizer.

Herb Grinders and Shredders

These simple mechanical machines may not seem necessary, but their ability to effectively reduce dried material to a vapable material is invaluable. When looking at a grinder, be sure to examine the size of the grinder, the shape of the grinder pegs, and what the grinder is made of. Metal is a good go to option for most vapers and will provide a satisfactory grind that should be perfect for vaporizers.

Vaporizer Coils and Heating Chambers

These components will be what you need to replace the most and are the most vital to the overall performance of your vaporizer. Like the coil on an e-cigarette, the coils and heating chambers on vaporizers help heat the material, but will also build up gunk and residue over time. Keeping these components clean will help ensure your weed vaporizer performs optimally and always produces the best quality vapour possible.

Vaporizer accessories and parts

This final category encompasses screens, protectors, mouthpieces, and everything else you may need or want for your vaporizer. Out of all these vaporizer accessories, screens are perhaps the most important and are vital to the operation of your cannabis vaporizer. These small sheets of metal help prevent bits of dried herb from falling through the heating chamber and into your device, and also help the heating process.

Making a Decision

Unlike with vape mods and e-cigarettes, where you only have to worry about the size of your device, vaporizers present a few more options that can make purchasing a little more difficult. When shopping for a vaporizer the primary factors to consider are whether you want a portable or desktop vaporizer, what form of cannabis you’ll be vaping primarily, and the sort of upkeep you’re prepared for. All these factors will play a big role in what device you purchase and should be properly considered when shopping for your vaporizer.

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