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Whether you’re a lifelong consumer of cannabis, or a novice, new to the substance, you’ll definitely have seen all sorts of herbal vaporizers. While still fairly new to the market, herbal vaporizers have quickly become a favourite among cannabis users and is perhaps the biggest innovation in cannabis as a whole. At their core, herbal vaporizers work by heating material to a specific temperature that causes vaporization but does not burn it. This process helps preserve the flavour of the material, while also providing a more potent experience -- when compared to traditional burning methods. Vaporizers also allow for a greater sense of portability and discretion, as they produce a more subdued odour and the vapor that is exhaled quickly dissipates in the air.

Ultimately, using a cannabis vaporizer offers vapers a host of distinct advantages that can drastically improve their cannabis consumption experience. The ability to consume cannabis with discretion, as well as the more potent experience, makes herbal vaporizers a compelling option for the majority of cannabis users. It should also be noted that cannabis vaporizers also provide a more economical experience for users, as they use far less material and only require a few replaceable pieces.