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Enjoy a wide selection of the best disposable vapes from popular brands including STLTH, Flavour Beast, Elfbar, Vice, Vice, VEEBA, Vuse, and WAKA.


While you will have to completely dispose of the unit once the tank is empty or the battery is dead, this sacrifice is made in favour of affordability, usability, and portability. Unlike older models of disposable vapes, these more modern offerings take advantage of nicotine salt, ensuring even their diminutive size is not a hindrance to the overall enjoyment.

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Disposable Vapes Canada

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ll no doubt remember a time when disposable e-cigarettes were the only option available for those that decided to leave combustion behind. If you remember this time, then you may also recall that many of these devices were cheaply made and generally did not offer a satisfying experience, nor did they allow a user to inhale an adequate amount of nicotine.

While vaping technology has come a long way since these devices, there has been a recent resurgence in disposable vapes in Canada. Thankfully, these modern iterations have drawn from their re-fillable counterparts and are now serious contenders in the e-cigarette market. Lightweight, portable, easy to use, and truly satisfying, modern disposable vapes in Canada have the ability to truly serve as an alternative to combustion.

For new vapers or experienced vapers who may have left their device at home, disposable vapes are a viable option that can be picked up easily and for a low price. It may also be a good choice to have a handful of disposable e-cigarettes on hand just in case your go-to device is out of battery or maybe just stopped working.

Part of the success of the modern disposable vape lies in the advancements made by e-liquid manufacturers. Thanks to the popularization of nicotine salts, disposable vapes are now capable of producing a satisfying hit, while still offering the same levels of nicotine their larger counterparts offer. The use of nicotine salt is perhaps the biggest improvement to disposable e-cigarettes and is the main reason modern disposable e-cigarettes are performing better in the marketplace. 180Smoke carries a wide variety of disposable vapes in Canada so you can pick your favourite brands or flavours, available online and in stores.

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