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In this section, you’ll find our entire collection of e cigarettes, all of which are purposefully bundled and brought together to make your purchasing experience easier and to get you vaping as soon as possible. Each electronic cigarette has different features that may lend to a more enjoyable vaping experience but you can be sure that these e cigarettes have everything you need to start vaping.


All the items in this category fall under the umbrella of an e cigarette and will function by heating eliquid to produce vapour. In essence, this is the broadest term available and can be used to define a wide range of devices, ranging from pod-systems to high-power mods. The differences between the styles of vapes can vary greatly, but generally speaking, smaller devices will lack some capabilities but may be easier to use. An excellent example of these devices are disposable vapes such as Allo Ultra, which come prefilled with eliquid and are disposed of once empty. Conversely, variable wattage mods can offer a greater sense of customization but they do come with a learning curve and will take some time to optimize. Ultimately, whatever device you choose will come with its own pros and cons, so be sure you know exactly what you’re looking for and what kind of vaper you are.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

When considering what e cigarette is right for you, there are several factors you need to consider as a user, all of which affect your vaping experience. While all the e cigarette kits in this section should get you vaping immediately, you will still need to really take a look at what style of vape you prefer and how you’ll be using your vaporizer.

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For the purposes of simplicity, in this category you’ll find two distinct types of e cigarettes, categorized by the style of inhale they offer and the power that runs them. On the one hand, you have Direct to Lung (DTL) devices, which offer vapers a huge plume of vapour and are meant to be inhaled by taking air in with the vapour simultaneously. This style of device will generally encompass all high-power mods as higher wattages are needed to facilitate this style of vaping. On the other hand, Mouth to Lung (MTL) style e cigarettes are more similar to the draw of a cigarette and require users to hold the vapour in their mouths before taking a short breath to inhale the vapour. This style of inhale is generally exhibited in smaller devices and is often easier to use for new vapers.

Draw Types

While we’ve touched on these topics before, we’d like to go a little more in-depth to give you a better understanding of what e cigarette is best for you.

Direct to Lung

At their core, Direct to Lung devices are purpose built to facilitate a looser vapour that can easily be inhaled directly into the lungs. This style of inhale generally produces large plumes of warm vapour that are quite flavourful and dense. This style of vape will generally only be available with high-wattage devices, or those that let you control the wattage settings. These devices also may require the use of external batteries, which come with their own list of pros and cons.

As mentioned before, these devices to have a bit of a steeper learning curve and require users to be mindful of various aspects of the device. This style of e cigarette is by far the most complicated but also allows for greater levels of customization, as well as intense flavour and vapour production.

Mouth to Lung

While Direct to Lung devices are focused on power and vapour production, Mouth to Lung mods take a different approach and focus more on portability and ease of use. In this category, vapers will generally find smaller devices, tight airflows, and lower wattages. While this may seem like drastic limitations, the simplicity of a Mouth to Lung device makes it a compelling option for new vapers or experienced users looking for a more pocket friendly device.

The rise of Mouth to Lung devices coincides with the popularization of pod systems, which generally all fall under the Mouth to Lung category. Pod systems further the fuss-free experience of MTL device, by giving combining the coil and tank into a single unit and allowing vapers to replace this whole unit when the coil is burnt out or if they’re out of e liquid.

Which is Right for You?

The device you end up choosing will ultimately come down to your vaping preference and how you’ll be using your device. If you’re a beginner or someone who wants something more portable and discreet, an MTL device is probably your best bet. However, if you don’t mind carrying a larger device and are into cloud chasing and intense flavour, then you may want to consider a DTL device.

For more information, check out our 180 Smoke vaping wiki on the subject of Direct to Lung vs. Mouth to Lung vaping.

Fixed or Variable Wattage

Much like DTL vs. MTL, vapers will also have to take into consideration whether or not they want to control the wattage on their device. This is a key feature to many vape mods, but isn’t always necessary, depending on how you choose to vape. For some users, this level of customizability can make all the difference when vaping, but for others, the array of options can be confusing and unnecessary and can drastically hinder a person’s vaping experience.

Fixed Wattage

Starting first with the simpler system, a fixed wattage device is any type of e cigarette that does not allow users to adjust the power settings. Instead, these devices will either output a consistent amount of power based on the battery or will have a chip that outputs consistent power regardless of the battery life -- that is until it’s empty.

While not always the case, these devices are generally smaller in size and will often offer an MTL style of inhale.

Variable Wattage

While not necessarily overly complicated, variable wattage devices do require more effort on the part of the vaper. Unlike fixed wattage e cigarettes, in which there is usually just a single button, variable wattage devices feature three or more. These extra buttons are used to adjust the wattage setting on the device, as well as to cycle through various other modes on the variable wattage mod. Speaking of modes, it is not uncommon to see variable wattage devices with temperature control settings, along with various other modes to augment your vaping experience.

Unlike fixed wattage devices, which are generally restricted to DTL inhales, variable wattage mods can be used for both DTL draws and MTL draws. This makes the variable wattage device the most versatile for the majority of vapers, but the ability to adjust wattage does make it a slightly larger and bulkier device.

For more information on fixed and variable wattage, please check out our article on the 180 Smoke vaping wiki.

Using the Right E Liquid

Even if you’ve been vaping for a while, many vapers fail to ever consider the VG/PG ratios of their e liquid, in relation to the device they choose. While not necessarily the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a vape, it is something that needs to be taken into account to ensure your e cigarette functions at its best.

When deciding on the right e liquid for your device, you need to first understand the differences between VG and PG -- the two key components of e liquid.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin): This is the ingredient that gives e liquid its viscosity and is responsible for vapour production. VG also carries a little bit of sweetness, though it is not responsible for the bulk of flavour in your vape.

PG (Propylene Glycol): This is the ingredient that carries flavour in an e liquid and provides a slight throat kick. The substance is much thinner than VG and also allows the e liquid to flow better through the coil and to fully saturate the wicking material.

To learn more about VG and PG, check out our article on the 180 Smoke Vaping Wiki.

Making a Decision on your E Cigarette

While some of you may be looking for a black and white answer, unfortunately there really isn’t one. There is no one style of device better than the other and ultimately it’ll come down to the individual vaper and how they are using their device. To put it simply, if you want something powerful, and are willing to sacrifice portability, then go with a vape mod. That being said, if you want something more portable and discreet then go with an e cigarette or pod system. Each will come with there own distinct advantages and it all comes down to what you want to do with your vape.

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