Dab Pens & Wax Pens

This section includes dab pens and wax pens for zero residue concentrates such as wax, oil, shatter, dabs, rosin, bho or distillate. This includes pens which are also compatible with dry herb.


Dab Pens and Wax Pens are vaporizers that can be far smaller than those for dry herb or traditional vaporizers because they are only required to boil off the product like a kettle, as it leaves zero residue. By contrast, dry herb vaporizers must hold the product at a high enough temperature to vaporize the essential oils but not combust the plant. This requires more space to house it and technology to control it. This allows Dab Pens and Wax Pens to generally be cheaper and smaller than other types of vaporizers.

Dab Pens

Because all of the material used for Wax Pens and Dab Pens vaporizes with ease, concentrates also produces a much thicker and more potent vapour that many users find more enjoyable. 180 Smoke has a wide selection of Wax Pens and Dap Pens that vary in size, colour, and portability. Each has unique features and customizability that will suit your preferences when using wax, oil, or concentrates.

There are some Dab Pens that are able to handle both waxes or oils while also being able to vaporize dry herb materials. These highly versatile Dab Pen vaporizers provide the ultimate experience in terms of flexibility as they can handle anything you throw into them. However, no versatility comes without a cost, many of these Dab Pens are larger in size as they house a more advanced heating system and technology required to precisely heat all types of materials to specific temperatures, usually decided by the users. This is a much more complicated process than evaporating the waxes or oils that traditional dab pens generally handle.

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