Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel are a German-based herbal vaporizer company, specializing in dry herb and concentrate vapes. Storz & Bickel use high grade materials to create a top shelf dry herb and concentrate vaporizer with medical grade components.

180 Smoke is proud to present a wide variety of herbal vaporizers and accessories from German manufacturer Storz & Bickel including the famous bag-filling Classic and new Digital Volcano Vaporizers, a handheld plugin version with a whip called the Plenty, and the portable Mighty and Crafty.You can also browse the products by functional categories like Portable or Desktop, Dry Herb or Wax/Oil.

Storz & Bickel has long been known as the premier dry herb vaporizer brand if you're looking for thick quality vapor. Perhaps most well known for their Volcano line of products, first produced in 1996, the original Volcano quickly became the go-to desktop bag vaporizer and was one of the first medically approved cannabis vaporizers in Canada. They also introduced another desktop vaporizer that did not use bags, the Plenty , in 2008. Eventually, Storz & Bickel brought their German engineering to the portable cannabis vaporizer market as well. S&B introduced the Mighty portable vaporizer in 2016 and it quickly became the favorite of many hardcore herb vapers despite the originally high cost. Although the Mighty is considered S&B's first portable vaporizer, its very large size (compared to competitors like the Pax) meant that many were not satisfied with its portability and there was a huge demand for something smaller. S&B decided to cater to that demand and released the Crafty at the same time, with which they essentially succeeded in creating a smaller Mighty with some caveats. The Craftycut the size of the Mighty roughly in half, which greatly increased its portability, but also significantly cut the battery life and total sessions before needing to recharge.

After sticking with this lineup for a long time, Storz & Bickel eventually got bought out by Canadian cannabis brand Canopy Growth Corporation in 2018, which led them to revamping and modernizing their product lineup. Introduced in 2020, the Volcano Hybrid not only lets you use the traditional bag, but for those that prefer running their vaporizers through glass pieces or simply don't like the bags, the Volcano Hybrid also introduces a whip to draw vapor from. Additionally, in 2021 S&B revamped Crafty with the Mighty+ which brought some of those features over such as USB-C charging.

Storz & Bickel is also known for their impressive customer service with up to a 3-year warranty if you register your device online. The devices run hot, so if you ever run into issues it's important to know S&B will have you covered. Others also love S&B for the various accessories such as the dosing capsules, which keep your device clean, and the huge community support surrounding the S&B line of products. So all in all, regardless of whether you are looking for a desktop, portable, bag, or whip-dry herb vaporizer, Storz & Bickel should have something for everyone and is worth a serious look if you want high-quality vapor.

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