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The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

The Mighty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is very similar to its sibling the Crafty. It’s a portable herbal vape that’s super high quality, and it performs just as well as, if not better than, most good desktop units. The Mighty is bigger, it’s not really a pocket vape, more of a cordless home vape (or for travel). However, it’s still very portable and it’s easy to hold, store and transport.

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The MIGHTY is a portable, battery powered and dynamic Vaporizer.

Due to the plus-/minus keys and the easily visible LED-display, the operation of the MIGHTY is self-explaining: As soon as the actual temperature corresponds to the individually adjustable set temperature, the device is ready for use. This is additionally indicated by a short double-vibration.

Through the setting options directly on the device, the personally preferred temperature can be adjusted gradually during vaporization.

The MIGHTY has a Dual-Lithium-Ion Battery Power. The battery double-pack allows a long operating life and a great radius of action.

The MIGHTY can be operated via power adapter with completely discharged batteries.

With the MIGHTY, vaporization functions on the basis of a full hot air convection heating combined with conduction. The convection heating provides an immediate and continuous vaporization, whereas the conduction ensures that there is vapor created from the very first breath. You can use the included Filling Aid for a quick and clean filling of the Filling Chamber, which is integrated into the Vaporizer. In place of the Cooling Unit, the Filling Aid is attached on top of the Filling Chamber. The Cooling Unit assures that the vapor cools down and guarantees an optimal flavor and a rich aroma. This vaporizer uses convection to heat and vaporize your oils and dry herbs.


  • Full Convection
  • Hot Air
  • Precise electronic control
  • Dual Lithium Ion Battery Power
  • High Efficiency
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Super Precise Temperature Control
  • Automatic switch off
  • Size of 5.5 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches (14.0 x 8.0 x 3.0 cm)
  • Weight 0.5 lbs (235 g)


Additional Information
Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Battery Capacity No
Video No


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Customer Reviews

Mighty vs Crafty Vaporizer Review by Samson
My friend has a Crafty Vaporizer so I went into the store to get one. However, I noticed they has another similar product called Mighty. The price difference was under $75 so I decided to take the staff to task and have them explain the difference. I still wasn't sure which one to get. After more research at home, I went back to their store and got a Mighty.

I probably made the best expensive purchase decision. The mighty has much much longer battery life and also has a display to edit the temperatures etc rather than doing it on an app (for crafty you have to use the app to change the temperature).

I am extremely happy with Mighty and my friend who has crafty wishes he got mighty. It is true that Mighty is big and can never be carried in a pocket (even winter jacket). My friend is able to put his mighty in the winter jacked when going for a walk with the dog.

I was a morning-to-night bong user and was tarting to cough a lot. I have been using the mighty for roughly 2 months now. Surprisingly I use less herb now compared to when I started with it. I am also feeling great cough wise. The taste of herb is noticeable and I use temperature control to try various herbs from apheria.

So anwyays, I personally think mighty is the right choice if you are going to invest this much money anyways.

(Posted on 2016-11-05)
Amazing, would highly recommend. Review by Schtoo
This thing is expensive, like really expensive. At close to $600 after taxes I can see why someone would hesitate to pick one up. But man, this thing is amazing. The battery is very solid and can last up to 10 sessions based on my usage and also charges pretty quick. The herb gets cooked super evenly, you never need to stir the bowl. Every inhale is very smooth and cool, very good airflow. I really like the adjustable temperature, you can play around with it to find what temperature you like the most (I really enjoy 400°F). Cleaning isn't the easiest, but you only need to clean it every so often and its not a big deal if you have some isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip.

In other words, you need to buy this thing. The Mighty is worth every single penny I use it two or three times a day. If I lost it, I would 100% buy another one in a heart beat. Once again, do yourself a favor and buy it, treat yourself. (Posted on 2016-08-15)
Mighty is Mighty Review by Yung Fletch
This Herbal/concentrate Vaporizer is one of the best vapes I have had the pleasure of owning and using. The manufacture does an amazing job in providing you all tools and accessories you'd need in order to operate as well as clean.

It provides an amazing vaping experience for serious herbal smokers as it gives a full flavoured hit and produces a fair amount of vapour which allows you to really feel the hit in your body and head.

Its battery life lasts long as it has 2 batteries inside (they ant removable)

Its a little large to carry around and defiantly doesn't fit in your pocket so anyone looking to cart it around with them would need a bag
however in my opinion is the best portable vaporizer, and with this one you really do pay for what you get. (Posted on 2016-01-12)
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