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Red Star Tobacco E-Liquid 30ml

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Balanced with hints of caramel, maple, and molasses, Red Star Tobacco is a comforting tobacco flavor that never grows old.

30ml bottles




Red Star Tobbaco

Our original tobacco, Red Star has become the standard in tobacco flavors for good reason. Balanced with hints of caramel, maple, and molasses, Red Star Tobacco is carefully prepared with 60% PG 40% VG to ensure a sweet flavor that never quits, capable of producing clouds on any tank. Perfect for mixing, it lends itself well to our Smooth Mint or Heavy Menthol, and compliments our gourmet Vanilla Craze, and Heavenly Mocha juices.

30ml bottles.



Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Review by Peter808
(Posted on 2019-03-13)

My first juice. Tried many, this one is perfect for me. seemed higher quality and more refined than others, a 'grown up' flavour despite it's sweetness.

Review by bucky
(Posted on 2018-09-25)

it doesnt really replicate tobacco at all. Much too sweat aftertaste especially in the mornings. The shop is great but the tobacco flavor tastes too much like a cognac/caramel combo and its much too pungent.

Review by DD
(Posted on 2018-06-13)

not too bad, but way too sweet for my taste. too much of that caramel taste / aftertaste.

Review by Jamie
(Posted on 2018-05-25)

Now here's what I'm talking about! A real good true - authentic - honest to goodness tobacco flavour. Reminds me of a pack of Lucky's but without all of the garbage in there to shorten my life span!

Review by Nancy
(Posted on 2018-01-22)

Out of the three juices I purchased with my bundle, this was my favourite!

Review by Darlene
(Posted on 2017-12-28)

This flavour is way too strong.

Review by Alex
(Posted on 2017-12-27)

Tastes almost exactly like Marlboro Reds!

Review by Oleksandr
(Posted on 2017-12-24)

Got a 3mg nicotine bottle of this juice. The taste is fine, bold tobacco taste, good throat hit.
However, it's a little too strong for me, but I guess that's the whole point. I would suggest this juice to somebody who's just getting off strong cigarettes, this would be a very good start.
I, personally, shifted to more mild flavours at this point.

Review by Jackson
(Posted on 2017-12-22)

TRUE tobacco taste. There’s a little bit of sweetness on the finish, but it doesn’t take away from the full bodied flavour. Excellent.

Review by Gloria
(Posted on 2017-12-21)

This juice is definitely not for me. It’s really strong, almost pungent. I don’t think I’ll be vaping the rest of it.

Review by Wyatt
(Posted on 2017-12-20)

The real McCoy! Tastes a lot like american tobacco's with a very similar dryness to it

Review by VapeSnob
(Posted on 2017-12-15)

The year is 1812 - you are a soldier for her majesty's armed forces in defense of the dominion of Canada. The smell of tobacco and gunpowder dances through the air. You sweeten the experience with a concoction the men here are calling syrup, taken from the blood of a maple tree. It's almost enough to take you away from the front lines for a moment. You envision yourself in the arms of your beloved Helena, walking hand in hand down the streets of York. The dream is short lived however, the cannon fire has started again.

I really dig this juice.

Review by TheMightyIrish
(Posted on 2017-12-08)

The tobacco flavor is excellent, but the flavour of the molasses/caramel/maple really make it stand out from a few of the other tobacco flavours I’ve had out there. It’s really hard not to have a super overpowering maple flavour but somehow you guys pull it off.

Review by ASHLEY
(Posted on 2017-12-02)

A bit too dry for my tastes. I'm not a fan of the molasses exhale.

Review by andy
(Posted on 2017-11-24)


Review by Ches
(Posted on 2017-11-19)

Among many other juices red tabaco one of the best for my test. Highly recommend to try it.

Review by Aaron W.
(Posted on 2017-10-23)

This stuff is GLORIOUS!!! I’m not too sure if it’s the molasses, but the dry tobacco aftertaste I get reminds me a lot of when I was living in the states and used to smoke Malboro. I actually didn’t mind how they tasted but this stuff is a lot more flavourful. I don’t think I can ever get sick of it.

Review by Big Mike
(Posted on 2017-10-20)

Perfect for a day at the cottage.
It’s tasty and great for warm summer nights and cool autumn afternoons.

Review by Jay
(Posted on 2017-07-28)

I love the sweetness and richness of the flavor of this juice. The pg/vg ratio is perfect for this type of flavor in my opinion, although I am a novice vaper.

Reminds me of a tipped cigar you can buy in the stores like captain blacks or colts, although its been years since I've tried those - but it reminds me of them.

Really tasty and flavorful vapor right here.

Review by Brad
(Posted on 2016-12-11)

I really dislike molasses which is why I delayed buying the Red Star juice. However, I bit the bullet and was very glad I did. The molasses flavor is mellow and the remaining flavors to me at least are the predominant one's. Really great mix with an excellent pipe/tobacco flavor. Another winner from the 180 Star Tobacco line. I'll be ordering more.