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Fresh Strawberry E-Liquid 30ml

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With the zest of fresh berries, this tastes just like the real thing!

30ml bottle. 


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Fresh Strawberry

Don’t be surprised when you first vape this juice, even though it does taste just like the real thing, this is actually an expertly crafted strawberry flavor that is 60% VG and 40% PG engineered to deliver the vapor you want with the zest of a fresh berry. Great paired with our Coconut and Banana, it smoothly hits your palate with a ton of flavor no matter which tank system you are using, explaining why it has been one of our most popular flavours since the beginning.

30ml bottle.



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Review by SpankDangler
(Posted on 2018-09-26)

Hands down the best strawberry flavour out there. It's like biting into a freshly picked strawberry in the middle of a strawberry field! This is NOT another artificial tasting strawberry flavour. 10/10 on this flavour 180 Smoke!

Review by Manette
(Posted on 2018-05-22)

Good strawberry e-juice

Review by Alex
(Posted on 2018-02-19)

Absolutely awesome strawberry flavour. 10+
180 smoke inhouse products are such better than the competition, this is a great strawberry flavour and I vaped menthol for years because I have trouble with synthetic flavouring but this is awesome especially if you like the heavier nicotine strength s like 12 or 18mgs.

Using nano device which is also great for people like me who are easily frustrated and wants something
" cigg like."

Review by Nancy
(Posted on 2018-01-22)

It reminds me of the pink cotton candy that you used to be able to get down at the CNE but without the sugary texture!

Review by Jeff
(Posted on 2018-01-10)

I wouldnt say "it tastes like the real thing". It has a strawberry flavour to it, but its more like a strawberry candy than anything else. Like a strawberry Starburst candy. Its not bad, it's just not what I thought it was gonna taste like.

Review by Krista
(Posted on 2017-12-27)

Really nice flavour!

Review by 007Vapes
(Posted on 2017-12-05)

The truest strawberry e-liquid I've come across. I feel like I can even taste the seeds!

Review by Yursa
(Posted on 2017-11-24)

if you mix this in with coconut banana it tastes like an icy drink give it a shot with an empty bottle

Review by Monaco
(Posted on 2017-11-20)

Very good on the way down, very good on the way up. This is one of the better strawberry flavours I’ve had. It’s not gross and sweet, but nice and mellow. I’m a very big fan of it.

Review by John Good
(Posted on 2017-11-08)

The title pretty much nails it: it’s fresh strawberry! It’s juicy and doesn’t taste synthetic at all. It came highly recommended to me and I’d like to pass that recommendation on to others.

Review by Jonathan
(Posted on 2017-10-20)

I don't dislike it, but it's definitely not my all day vape. It's too fruity for that. Still good though!

Review by LB
(Posted on 2017-08-28)

Would highly recommend this product

Review by TSin
(Posted on 2017-06-17)

I fully expected this juice to taste like artificial strawberry flavor that is in abundance in candies and gums and such. Lo and behold, I was surprised to get much more 'real fruit' taste out of it. Have vaped it sub-ohm and in smaller pen style and enjoy it equally in both. Will likely be a staple for me to switch up from the more candy flavs that are prominent in e-juice. Highly recommend!

Review by CrzCDN
(Posted on 2017-02-05)

It comes down to your palate. The strawberry is definitely there, but to me tastes a bit like cotton candy. That is not to say it is overly sweet, I could vape this all day long. I'm told that increasing or decreasing the wattage can impact the flavour profile, that could be impacting the fresh berry taste.