Heavy Menthol E-Liquid - Ace (30mL)

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Heavy Menthol by Ace is A Canadian E-Liquid featuring the bold flavour of fresh peppermint, with a frosty blast of ice accented by a fragrant herbal aroma. Enjoy the frozen satisfaction with a cool bite, or chill your favourite flavours. 30/70 VG/PG - 30mL


Heavy Menthol E-Liquid - Ace (30mL)

Heavy Menthol E-Liquid by Ace is a robustly refreshing and lightly sweet flavour, bursting with icy satisfaction. Dark green peppermint packed with a frosty chill and a stimulating fragrance that sharpens your senses and makes your taste buds dance. This is A Canadian E-Liquid that delivers the coolest experience in vaping alone, and adds a unique palette cleaning twist to your favorite flavours. Create a frosted fruit blend like Perfect Peach or Berry Blast with Applelicious, Lush Blueberry, Fresh Strawberry, and Grape Vine, or concoct a cool combo with tobacco using Gold Star or Red Star. Prefer a lighter touch of invigoration? Check out delicate coolness of Smooth Mint, featuring a blend of spearmint with a touch of honeydew.

30% VG / 70% PG - 30mL bottle | 0, 3, 6, 12, 18mg/mL freebase nicotine

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