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Lush Blueberry E-Liquid 30ml

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Packed with the taste of fresh picked country berries, our Lush Blueberry is crafted to provide a satisfying all day vape that everyone is sure to love.

30ml bottle.

70% VG/30% PG

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Lush Blueberry

Packed with the taste of fresh picked country berries, our Lush Blueberry is formulated to provide a satisfying all day vape everyone is sure to love. One of our top selling flavors for a reason, Lush Blueberry is an exquisite blend of 70% VG and 30% PG that provides dense clouds of vapor with a bold fruity finish. A perfect flavor for blending, Lush Blueberry goes great with our Fresh StrawberryVanilla Craze, or even our Premium Flavors.

"This blueberry flavor is sweet and creamy, I find it amazing!"

"I usually mix the blueberry flavor with vanilla - an absolutely delicious dessert combination."


Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Review by Manette
(Posted on 2018-05-22)

Succulent fruit e-juice

Review by knowledge
(Posted on 2018-02-21)

Very, very, very well done 180! Smooth as silk.

Review by Batman
(Posted on 2018-01-05)

I don't order any other flavour because I don't need any other flavour.
I quit smoking with this stuff a year ago and I'd been using it ever since. Can't find one better.

Review by Ken
(Posted on 2017-12-20)

Doesn’t have a chemical taste like some other blueberries I’ve tried. REally pleased with my order.

Review by Bridie
(Posted on 2017-12-12)

I vape this stuff so much I might actually turn into a blueberry one of these days!

Review by Vape Ninja
(Posted on 2017-12-07)

I’m not really into flavours, but this one is pretty good.

Review by megan t
(Posted on 2017-12-06)

I LOVE this juice.

Review by Dean
(Posted on 2017-11-28)

Keep coming back specifically for this juice. Good on ya 180!

Review by Karmin
(Posted on 2017-11-27)

If you’re looking for a pure blueberry flavour, this is the one for you.

Review by Douglas
(Posted on 2017-11-15)

I was having a bad day, but vape mail made it so much better. I’m so happy with my order, especially with Lush Blueberry. Calmed my nerves right away. If you’re thinking about ordering from 180, DO IT!

Review by Vicki
(Posted on 2017-11-09)

180 makes great fruity juices! Love this and Fresh Strawberry!!!

Review by Tom1989
(Posted on 2017-11-08)

Started vaping with Lush Blueberry and haven’t looked back since. Not too sweet and tastes great in 6mg.

Review by John Good
(Posted on 2017-11-08)

The closest thing I could compare this to is “Next Big Thing”s Blueberry Hard Candy. NBT is a bit less expensive with shipping and taxes, but it’s nowhere near as good. I’ve tried about a dozen blueberry flavours. I really like blueberry. Even including cheesecake, waffle, toast, jam variations this is still probably in my top 2.

Review by Eileen
(Posted on 2017-11-07)

This and Coconut Banana are my two go tos from 180 smoke. Can’t go wrong with those.

Review by Jonathan
(Posted on 2017-10-20)

This e-liquid is great. Definitely one of my all-day vapes.

Review by Rachel
(Posted on 2017-10-20)

Just the right amount of blueberry flavour. Great vape.

Review by Mark Maz
(Posted on 2017-10-18)

This is one of those juices where you’re in a crowd of people and someone asks “that smells awesome, what is it?”. That’s how I found it and I can’t recommend it enough.

Review by Tina
(Posted on 2017-09-20)

On its own it is quite sweet but when I mixed it with a vanilla custard, it went from pretty good to amazing. I only wish it came in bigger bottles.

Review by YungNadz
(Posted on 2017-07-31)

Not a good flavour but the cloud smell is alright. Do not recommend.

Review by TSin
(Posted on 2017-07-30)

I enjoyed this flavour although was more 'fake blueberry' flavour than real blueberries. I enjoy the strawberry from this line more because it is more like eating strawberries than having strawberry candies. If you like your fruity vapes this will make you happy, but for me was a tad too sweet.