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Berry Blast Premium E-Juice 30ml

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Featuring notes strawberry and blueberry with a hint of grape, this vape has a cool, minty finish.

30ml bottle


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Berry Blast 30ml Premium E-Liquid

True to its name, our Berry Blast is packed full of the goodness of fresh picked strawberries, blueberries, and grapes to give you a taste of the bounty of spring. Blended at a 60% VG 50% 4G ratio, this vape starts off sweet and finishes with the refreshing coolness of colada. Perfect for vapers looking for a juice that delivers both strong flavor and solid vapor, its exquisitely crafted aromas are ideal for mixing. Try it with our Coconut Banana, Sweet Watermelon, or Crisp Lemonade to get your full serving of vitamins and minerals!

30ml bottle

60% VG/40% PG 

"I love the Berry Blast. You can never get tired of that coolness at the end"

"You really can taste all the berries coming through in this liquid. Great job 180 Smoke"


Customer Reviews 37 item(s)

Review by Newbievape100nic
(Posted on 2018-11-02)

Good flavour but doesn’t last very long. Very faint after a while but overall pretty good! Love the minty aftertastes

Review by Adora
(Posted on 2018-09-19)

I don’t get strawberry or blueberry, just grape. But the mint is amazing! I don’t usually like a “cool” vape, but I’ve been vaping this all day long and just can’t get tired of it!

Review by Dawn
(Posted on 2018-06-28)

Berry blast isn't the most complex, but I gotta say its' the best 180 flavour no question. The mint to fruit ratio is perfect.

Review by ymsalem
(Posted on 2018-05-08)

extremely delecious and refreshing

Review by TyVapes?
(Posted on 2018-04-30)

Wasn't sure what juice to pick up and the guys at 180 sold me on this one. But on my Valyrian tank it's EXTRA good, flavour BURST!
Thanks 180!!

Review by Eric
(Posted on 2018-01-26)

Good juice.

Review by Hipichik
(Posted on 2018-01-09)

The best !

Review by Mel
(Posted on 2018-01-05)

love this stuff! but my order arrived late over the holidays :(

Review by Carl
(Posted on 2017-12-21)

Taste great! Smell great!

Review by Vanessa
(Posted on 2017-12-21)

The first and only juice I will vape! I get a burst of berry flavour and it leaves a nice minty tingle in my mouth.

Review by Lucina
(Posted on 2017-12-20)

Was recommended this flavour from a co-worker, and I’m in love. This stuff is like candy for adults. Good job 180!

Review by VapeSnob
(Posted on 2017-12-15)

Tasting of the freshest berries picked right off of the vine of a vineyard in Bruges. The summer was warm, the sun beating down overhead and the bleating of goats off in the distance herded by a poor old farmer whose dreams of a better life have long since gone unfulfilled. He wanted to be a musician.

A very enjoyable taste.

Review by DancingThruLife
(Posted on 2017-12-15)

Practically perfect in every way! (Props to anyone who knows where that’s from).

Review by Rudy
(Posted on 2017-12-06)

Literally the only upside of menthol cigarettes getting banned is Berry Blast. Gives me the menthol hit I crave, but without the yucky burnt tobacco taste. Amazing.

Review by Desmond
(Posted on 2017-12-05)

Kind of like fruitopia juice with menthol. Not too shabby.

Review by Ashton
(Posted on 2017-12-03)

Got this flavour for my 65yr old mother with a Cloud Maker Nano, and it got her off of cigarettes almost instantly!! She’s been vaping for going on 4 months now.

Review by Sanh
(Posted on 2017-12-01)

Geez I have been vaping for a few years and I have to say that ive never seen any product that compare to the Premium line of 180 smoke canada. They are all super tasteful in my vape and give a super rich flavor.

Review by Chris
(Posted on 2017-11-29)

Great mixed berry flavour. Vapes very clean. This is my favorite e juice without a doubt.

Review by Cuppy
(Posted on 2017-11-20)

really intense berry flavour but i didnt care much for the minty aftertaste. if yer into that kinda thing i'd suggest it, but i don't like mint so it snuck up on me.

Review by Lillian
(Posted on 2017-11-16)

Fast shipping, great customer service, and tasty ejuice!

Review by Azia
(Posted on 2017-11-06)

I love this flavour, but I wish it was higher in VG. I’m sensitive to Pg so the 50/50 blend makes me too dry.

Review by Desiree
(Posted on 2017-11-01)

The base flavour of berries and grape is great, but I’m not digging the mint. Still glad I tried it.

Review by Dennis
(Posted on 2017-10-18)

I've been vaping for nearly 4 years and I enjoy it. It sure beats smoking But it's annoying that when I find a juice that I like, it soon becomes unavailable. So, now I use these ratings as my guide. In the case of this juice, I was not disappointed.. Also, I was please the discount offer and the fast 2 day delivery.

Review by Lilsully
(Posted on 2017-09-16)

So many flavours into one it's kinda hard to explain play with your wattages and see what toucan get off it. Not a huge Berry fan, and this profile might be a little complex for those looking for a little Berry taste.

Review by Mel C.
(Posted on 2017-07-20)

This stuff seriously tastes like the flavour of sweet tarts. Wouldn't mind a bit more sweetness, but it's a great flavour nonetheless.

Review by Katie
(Posted on 2017-07-20)

Sweet, fruity and minty! Perfect with some lemonade!

Review by Maria
(Posted on 2017-04-23)

Love this for my all day vape. Tastes fantastic and has a menthol cool undertone which isn't to strong but just the right amount. It's the perfect combo for me. Always have a bottle or two laying around. Highly recommend.

Review by SMac
(Posted on 2016-12-13)

Pretty good quality juice, doesn't clog up your coils or anything. The flavour is good although when I purchased I didn't realize it had a menthol undertone. Its a bit strong for a berry juice but if you like menthol you'll definitely love it. The berries are still noticeably tasty. Me on the other hand, not a fan of menthol. Oh well.

Review by Provencher
(Posted on 2016-11-10)


Review by Jordan
(Posted on 2016-07-30)

Haven't tried all the 180 ejuices yet, but so far this is the top one. out of stock, I will order 5 bottles of this when it comes back! super tasty, super smooth all day vape.

Review by Adam
(Posted on 2016-07-17)

Tastes like a good berry mix with a very soft minty finish (its hard to describe). Very refreshing I find you can easily vape this stuff all day.

Review by Melvin
(Posted on 2016-06-22)

Nice and sweet berry flavour on the inhale with a smooth cool menthol exhale. Definitely worth a try!!

Review by Newbee
(Posted on 2016-05-31)

First non tobacco flavor and let me tell you it's pretty awesome. Great mint taste on the exhale. Doesn't interfere with a glass of wine lol. Give it a try even though slightly sweet, although could be because it's my first non tobacco juice, I think you'll really like it. Summer in a tank.

Review by Nuisance
(Posted on 2016-04-20)

I love this juice! I switch constantly between Berry Blast and Caribbean Cocktail for ADV It's gotten to a point where I had to go pick up a separate TopTankMini just so I could go back and forth easily! Such an awesome juice, I've tried most of the line of premium juices, and CC and BB are by far the best

Review by Naomi Hunter
(Posted on 2016-01-24)

Berry blast has this amazing aromatic. Makes me feel like im bathing in berries while the berries are caressing me. Tastes like summer.

Review by Erick
(Posted on 2015-04-27)

Almost tastes like a mr.freeze because of the coolness finish. 4 stars just because i wish there was some raspberry mixed in as well

Review by Andrew D.
(Posted on 2015-03-20)

I'm not into very many "fruity" flavours but this is my favorite one so far! It's very tasty and gives me a great kick! Love all of these premium juices!