RELX produces the next generation of closed pod vape kits, disposable cigarettes, and vaping accessories with innovative design mixed with a stylish modern feel. Their focus on new vaping technology makes RELX on the leading edge of vape pens and disposable ecigarettes. 180Smoke carries a wide selection of RELX disposables, closed pod systems, and pods available in Canada.

Each process of the device creation process must work in harmony at RELX, designers, manufacturers, and other teams work together to create a product that is designed to have excellent reliability and produce an experience that vapers are looking for. To ensure this process is upheld, the RELX Standard was implemented company wide and around the world. This outlines the 30 strict standards that RELX believes produces an incredible experience and device. RELX continues to ensure its strict quality standards are upheld across all manufacturers and suppliers.


RELX has a variety of vaping products and devices available in Canada that focus on using new technology to create stylish designs that deliver an exceptional vaping experience. RELX has an innovative airflow, elongated to provide a more flavourful hit and designed to replicate the draw resistance of a cigarette up to 95% making it the perfect device for new vapers or those looking for an experience similar to that of a cigarette.

RELX disposable devices are perfect if you are looking for an easy to use, discrete, disposable ecigarette that has no maintenance and requires no setup. Just open, inhale, and RELX! Available in Canada and ideal for new users, and experienced vapers on the go.

The RELX Essential and Infinity are closed pod devices that, while larger than the disposable product, are still quite compact and pocket friendly. These devices utilize the RELX Pro Pods which come in a wide variety of flavours and 18mg of nicotine which is in compliance with the Canadian limit of nicotine contained in a pod. The shape and design of their products are in line with RELX's focus on innovation and style while producing quality products for a superior vaping experience. With features like puff activation, variable draw resistance, and a USB C charging port for speedy charge times, the RELX closed pod, mouth to lung devices don't just look the part, they have the features to back them up! 

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