Prefilled Closed Pod Vape Kits

Popular among transitioning smokers and experienced vapers, closed pod vaporizers combine portability with necessary performance. Their compact construction makes them ideal all day vapes, while their implementation of pre-filled pods lends a high degree of ease of use.


At their core, all closed pod vape kits utilize pods that come pre-filled by the manufacturer. This aids in the device's ease of use, allowing them to serve as ideal vapes for new vapers or experienced users looking for a dependable backup. Thanks to their fairly basic operation, many closed pod vape kits carry a sense of portability unseen by other e-cigarettes. They can easily be stowed in a pocket or small bag, and many devices feature a robust enough battery to serve a user for a whole day of use. One pod system that provides users with a simple point of entry, as well as a long term solution, are Vype Kits.

For more information on Closed Pod Vape Kits, please check out our article on the 180 Smoke Vaping Wiki.

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