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Vuse Vapor

Produced and developed by British American Tobacco (BAT), Vuse (formally Vype) is a premier e-cigarette brand that is purely focused on helping smokers transition to vaping in as painless a way possible. While some may question the motivations of a tobacco company in the vaping industry, we can assure you that Vuse is a committed e-cigarette brand that is focused on converting smokers to vaping. While Vuse is not the first or last company with this ethos, they are one of the few to accomplish this task by utilizing easy-to-use and simple e-cigarettes. This has led Vuse to focus primarily on creating closed pod systems, which take advantage of prefilled e-liquid pods and a battery outputting a fixed amount of power.

Closed pod systems are quickly becoming the norm in the hands of vapers, thanks to their portability, ease of use, and ability to offer a satisfying hit. These factors really drive all closed pod devices on the market, but few manage to achieve the same level of success that Vuse has garnered. Owned by British American Tobacco (BAT) Vuse has revolutionized the vaping industry, by offering an affordable closed pod option that still offers vapers a satisfying and flavourful hit. The designs employed by the brand combine performance and portability, while the internal aspects ensure that vapers will be happy with their purchase for quite some time. While Vuse currently has a wide range of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, we primarily sell the Vuse ePen 3 and the ePod. Both devices are closed pod systems, meaning they utilizes pre-filled pods made by Vuse. Beyond this, the devices themselves feature some design differences, as well as minor technological differences. These differences make the devices unique, and should be taken into consideration for any vapers looking to pick up a Vuse e-cigarette.

Part of the success of Vuse lies in its connection to BAT, and the vape company’s ability to leverage over 100 years of experience in satisfying adult smokers. When developing their products, Vuse has garnered and utilized the opinions of more than 3,500 vapers and smokers, and have worked closely with top flavour experts and scientists. This investment in expertise and customer driven data has allowed Vuse to excel as a brand, and is still used heavily by their R&D team as they look to expand their product selection.

While Vusecurrently has a decent selection of e-cigarettes, the two flagship devices have to be the Vuse ePen 3 and the ePod. Both devices are closed pod systems, which function very simply and are aimed almost directly at new vapers who may be taking their first steps into the world of e-cigarettes. This focus on simplicity has allowed Vuse to succeed massively as a brand, and has offered new vapers an affordable and easy way into vaping.

This focus on simplicity and affordability may cause some vapers to discount the abilities of the ePen 3 and ePod, but this is simply not the case. Technologically speaking, the Vuse devices employ some of the best heat-detection and can consistently deliver an even amount of power for a perfect hit every time.

Design and Features

In this section, we’ll look specifically at the Vuse ePen 3 and ePod, as they are the primary models we carry and are two of the most impressive devices in Vuses current lineup. While both e-cigarettes are considered closed pod systems, they do differ somewhat in terms of design and technological specifications. For new vapers, either device should help you get into vaping in a painless way, but some consideration should still be placed on what model you choose, as certain aspects of each device may appeal to different users.

Looking first the ePen 3, this BAT design e-cigarette features an iconic shape and silhouette that lends the ePen 3 a distinct ergonomic feel when held in the hand. While the device is somewhat bulky -- in terms of pod systems -- the curves of the e-cigarette allow it to fit comfortably in the hand and when in use. The button on the ePen 3 is located conveniently on the middle of the device, and is perfectly placed for the thumb to easily depress the button when using the ePen 3. Internally, the ePen 3 houses a 650mAh cell and outputs a fixed wattage to power the coil. The battery is relatively large for a pod system and should provide enough power for a day of heavy vaping.

On the more compact side of things is the ePod. This device more closely resembles popular closed pod systems and is much smaller than the ePen 3. That being said, the design of the device is still quite distinctive and is comfortable in both the hand and in the pocket. This makes the ePod a particularly alluring option as a daily driver, as it can be stowed away easily. while still providing a satisfying hit. Unlike the ePen 3, which utilizes a button, the ePod is draw activated and lacks any buttons on the body. This does make the ePod somewhat easier to use, and ideal for new vapers. The ePod houses a 350mAh battery and outputs a consistent 6W of power.

Both devices feature non-adjustable airflow control and offer a restrictive mouth-to-lung style draw. This makes them somewhat similar to a cigarette, ensuring transitions to vaping are as easy as possible. This style of draw allows for a satisfying hit, even under low power, but still offers decent amounts of vapor production and ample flavor.

Pods and E-Liquid

As closed pod devices, both the Vuse ePen 3 and ePod us pre-filled Vuse pods that are meant to be thrown away when empty. The pods are not refillable, and come filled by the manufacturer to be used in either device. The pods are not interchangeable and only Vuse pods should be used in a Vuse device.

For the ePen 3, Vuse has produced 2mL pod, which come filled with a variety of flavours. These flavours have been carefully concocted to be tasty and flavourful and are available in salt nicotine. Some of the flavours available for the ePen 3 include Original Strawberry, Fresh Apple, Classic Peach, Ripe (Tropical) Mango, Infused Vanilla, Crisp Mint, Blended Tobacco, and Dark Cherry.

The pods available for the ePod hold 1.9mL and utilize a ceramic coil. The pods are available with salt nicotine, and include flavours such as Mango Wonder, Polar Mint, Tobacco Marvel, Vanilla Medley, Berry Blast, and Garden Strawberry.

What Device is Best for You?

When looking for a Vuse device, your choices really boil down to battery size, ergonomics, pod size, and how the inhale functions. Both e-cigarettes are perfect for beginners, but the two devices vary in how the user operates them. While the ePen 3 utilizes a more traditional fire button, the ePod employs draw activation. The inclusion of a button gives the device a more tactile feel, and requires the user to more actively engage in the vaping experience. The inclusion of a button does not add any extra safety features, though it does allow uses to lock the device when not in use.

In terms of pod size, the ePen 3 does have a slight advantage, though it is only by 0.1mL. This is mostly negligible to the majority of users but should be noted as some users may find this small decrease in capacity a concern. That being said, the ePod’s pods feature smaller dimensions, making them easier to carry if you think you’ll be changing pods throughout the day.

Finally, the overall design of the device should come into play, as some people emphasize portability over everything else. Looking purley at size, the ePen 3 is somewhat larger and offers a more rounded and robust body, while the ePod is slim and uniform in shape. The varying shapes and sizes also affect the battery in each device, with the ePen 3 carrying a battery that is almost double the size of the ePod. This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two e-cigarettes, as it can dramatically impact the amount of vaping time you get and should be considered by all vapers.

Warranty/Return & Replacement Policies

As outlined by Vuse;

Return/Replacement Process: If you would like to return your order or obtain a replacement product for any reason outlined below, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact us by phone at 1-844-746-8973 or email us at
  2. Please be prepared to provide details such as:
    • The nature of your request (e.g. did your delivery contain incorrect, damaged, or defective products?).
    • Your order number or an email address or phone number associated with your account so that we can locate your purchase.
    • The product batch/serial number (if available).
  3. If a delivery contains an incorrect, damaged or defective product, you will be asked to return the faulty device for review. After review, if the device is determined to be faulty, we will issue a full refund or replacement product. You may also be offered the option of having a replacement product sent to you immediately, conditional on your agreement to return your incorrect, damaged or defective product upon receipt of the replacement product. Failure to return a replacement product within 21 days of receipt of the replacement product may result in a charge to your payment method for the amount of the replacement device.

All warranty for Vuse must be done through the manufacturer and they have the final say on what can be returned and what cannot.

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