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Closed pod systems are quickly becoming the norm in the hands of vapers, thanks to their portability, ease of use, and ability to offer a satisfying hit. These factors really drive all closed pod devices on the market, but few manage to achieve the same level of success that Vype has garnered. Owned by British American Tobacco (BAT) Vype has revolutionized the vaping industry, by offering an affordable closed pod option that still offers vapers a satisfying and flavourful hit. The designs employed by the brand combine performance and portability, while the internal aspects ensure that vapers will be happy with their purchase for quite some time. While Vype currently has a wide range of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, we primarily sell the Vype ePen 3 and the ePod. Both devices are closed pod systems, meaning they utilizes pre-filled pods made by Vype. Beyond this, the devices themselves feature some design differences, as well as minor technological differences. These differences make the devices unique, and should be taken into consideration for any vapers looking to pick up a Vype e-cigarette.