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Pair any 2 packs of Vuse ePod cartridges, and save 20% off regular retail price! Now including Limited Edition pods!!!

2 pods per pack, 1.9mL each.

All flavours are available with your choice of nicotine salt strength, and select flavours are now available with Bold + V-Ultra nicotine, delivering uniquely bold flavour.


Choose from a variety of Vuse ePod pod flavours, including:

  • Vype ePod Berry Pods (2pk) - A deep yet refreshing blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes.
    • A sensory encounter with the perfect berry mix taste. A blend of berry, black cherry and herbal flavours complemented by a refreshing aroma.
  • Vuse ePod Blood Orange Pods (2pk) - An orange flavour with red pomegranate notes.
    • Coming with a distinctive, bright tang, the blood orange flavour kicks off with a sweet agave which then evolves into a juicy, orangy aroma. It then smoothly yet brilliantly complemented by touches of pomegranage bringing in delicate, woody, and herbal zesty-like notes.
  • Vuse ePod Blueberry Pods (2pk) - A ripe blueberry taste with some berry notes.
    • Experience a burst of flavours with blueberry which kicks-off with a nice sweet touch, reminiscent of maple. It then evolves to more berry and blueberry notes. The experience ends with subtle herbal and citrus notes.
  • Vuse ePod Cool Peppermint Pods (2pk) - A fresh peppermint flavour with a subtle roasted finish.
    • Experience a refreshing sensation with cool peppermint. The flavour kicks off with fresh green notes which then evolves to give you a peppermint experience. It then leaves you with roasted notes.
  • Vuse ePod Cucumber Pods (2pk) - A cucumber flavour with fruity notes.
    • Cucumber, an unordinary taste experience that will delight your taste buds. With a surprising sweet fruit-like flavour to start, the profile transitions to give you the cucumber experience with a base of refreshing green aroma notes.
  • Vuse ePod Exotic Mix (Aromatic Tobacco) Pods (2pk) - An exotic mix of aromas revealing luscious and sweet nuances.
    • Inspired by exotic tobacco, our expert flavourists crafted a flavour that will surprise your senses. Enveloped in exotic, luscious and sweet aromas, with subtle roasted nuances, this exotic blend will reveal another take on tobacco.
  • Vuse ePod Forest Mint Pods (2pk) - A luscious and sweet mint flavour with a fresh cooling hue.
    • Inspired by forest mint harvested in the spring in Bendigo, Australia. This unique refreshing mint flavour reveals luscious aromas with sweet undertones that create a distinctive taste experience. Made with premium mint extracts for an authentic taste experience.
  • Vuse ePod Fresh Spearmint Pods (2pk) - A sweet spearmint with a cool hint.
    • Spearmint, the perfect blend of sweet and cool kicking off with a creamy and mint leaf aroma, which then refreshes your taste buds with a cool, refreshing spearmint savour.
  • Vuse ePod Golden Tobacco Pods (2pk) - A bright tobacco flavour with a smooth taste.
    • The Golden Tobacco kicks-off with notes inspired by the sweetness of Virginia blend which then reveals roasted and nutty notes through the experience.
  • Vuse ePod Iced Mango Pods (2pk) - A burst of mango flavour with an icy twist.
    • A very ripe fruity mango which gets touches of tropical peach character over time. While vaping get a cooling note that stays on until the end. This flavour is crafted with a cooling sensation technology that will cool off your senses.
  • Vuse ePod Lemon Berry Pods (2pk) - A zesty citrus flavour complimented with red berry notes.
    • Zesty and distinct... yet surprising. It will set off with ripe fruity aromatic notes from red berries. But just before you know it... it will surprise you with a sweet lemon zest leaving behind a herbal hue on your palate.
  • Vuse ePod Lychee Pods (2pk) - A combination of lychee and tropical notes.
    • A great way to experience exotic taste as you come across this unique and differentiated experience bursting with flavours! This specific flavour has a pronounced and juicy lychee aroma. It simulates peach-like notes with delicate floral touches and concludes a noticeable fruity sensation.
  • Vuse ePod Mango Pods (2pk) - A refreshing mango flavour with juicy and tropical finishes.
    • Enjoy exotic and ripe sensations with this flavour. The sensory experience begins with rich mango aromas along some tropical notes bringing a summer taste. It then evolves to finish off with hints of green for an overall refreshing and juicy experience.
  • Vuse ePod Passionfruit Pods (2pk) - A tropical passionfruit flavour with acai notes.
    • Designed with AI this complex flavour is a unique tropical combo. It has a sweet ripe passionfruit aroma with a hibiscus floral hue. The experience evolves to a more ripe berry aroma, reminiscent of acai, with a peachy base note.
  • Vuse ePod Peach Pods (2pk) - A ripe fruity peach flavour.
    • Enjoy that delicious ripeness. A juicy, fruity aroma leaving your mouth with a straightforward peach experience. It's then followed by a hue of delicate fresh green apple.
  • Vuse ePod Polar Mint Pods (2pk) - A cool mint experience.
    • Sensationally cool, but simple at the same time, this flavour reveals fresh green peppermint leaves with an intense cooling hue.
  • Vuse ePod Rich Mix (Rich Tobacco) Pods (2pk) - A delightful rich mix of vibrant aromas.
    • Vibrant, generous and rich with aromas, this flavour unfurls beautifully to a delightful rich mix revealing roasted nuances. Where flavour art and craft work in harmony to surprise your senses.
  • Vuse ePod River Mint Pods (2pk) - A zesty and juicy mint flavour with a subtle cooling hue.
    • Inspired by river mint typically grown on the riverbanks in Muggeeraba, Australia, harvested in the spring. This mint flavour exudes zesty, bright nuances with subtle cooling and juicy undertones. Made with premium mint extracts for an authentic taste experience.
  • Vuse ePod Smooth Mint Pods (2pk) - A subtle and silky cooling mint.
    • Silky smooth with delicate aromas, at every step of the way. This flavour starts with a subtle creamy hue which evolves to become a peppermint experience. With subtle cooling your taste buds with feel cool, but not cold.
  • Vuse ePod Smooth Tobacco Pods (2pk) - A mellow and subtle tobacco flavour.
    • The smooth tobacco has a delicate woody start. This flavour transforms to give you sweet roasted notes which brings richness to the experience delivering nuances of burley tobaccos. The sweet Virginia tobacco hue ends your experience with creamy notes.
  • Vuse ePod Strawberry Pods (2pk) - A fruity strawberry taste.
    • Exquisitely assembled! A ripe summery strawberry aroma with some sweet top notes. Inspired by the authentic fruity strawberry taste, these notes are accompanied with a green, leafy-like hue at the end.
  • Vuse ePod Vanilla Pods (2pk) - A rich vanilla taste with a smooth texture.
    • A flavour full of depth to discover. This rich flavour kicks off with a rich sweet vanilla aroma that has smooth and rounded notes. Some experts associated with rounded vanilla nuances to a banana-like flavour. The flavour evolves over time to more creamy vanilla with a roasted finish.
  • Vuse ePod Velvety Mix Pods (2pk) - A velvety mix revealing indulging aromas.
    • Delectably indulgent and aromatic, with complex yet harmonious sensorial nuances. Our masters of flavour have crafted an indulgent mix of swirling aromatic, rich and roasted nuances with a warm velvety finish. Undoubtedly a net and unique tobacco taste sensation for you to discover.
  • Vuse ePod Watermelon Pods (2pk) - A delicate watermelon flavour.
    • Subtle and mouth-watering, the watermelon flavour has a fruity tropical start with melon aroma. THis flavour ends with notes of green apple.
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