Vuse Pro Smart Vaping Device (ePod)

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The Vuse PRO Smart vape device is the next generation connected vaping device. It comes in a slim and bespoke design with a more powerful battery that charges 80% in up to 20 minutes. Pair your device via the MYVUSE app and unlock a world of features, including Usage Tracker, Cloud Control, Find My Vape with sound, Recharge Reminder and Device Lock.



What is the difference between Vuse PRO Smart and Vuse ePod2+?

  • LED shape: Illumination at centre, fade to ends.
  • New distinctive design: the new Vuse PRO has been redesigned with a modern angular shape and comes in 6 distinctive, premium metallic colours and deco bar.
  • Buzzer alerts you of the location of your device through the Find My Vape feature when paired with the MYVUSE app.
  • Faster charging capability for Lithium-Ion battery cell (80% charge in 20 minutes).

Can I use Vype ePod pods with Vuse PRO Smart?

  • Yes, you can use your ePod pods.

How do I know if my Vuse PRO Smart is charging?

  • When your device is charging the LED on the device will be flashing Red. When your device LED turns solid Green your device is 80% charged. When your device LED switches off your device is fully charged.

Where can I download the MYVUSE app?

  • Click or scan this QR code to link to the application for Android or iOS:
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