Whether you’re just dipping your toes into e-cigarettes or you’re looking for an on the go device, disposable e-cigarettes offer a distinct advantage to vapers, due in part to their incredible ease of use and compact construction. While you will have to completely dispose of the unit once the tank is empty or the battery is dead, this sacrifice is made in favour of affordability, usability, and portability.

Unlike older models of disposable e-cigarettes, these more modern offerings take advantage of nicotine salt, ensuring even their diminutive size is not a hindrance to the overall enjoyment. What are disposable ecigarettes? Learn more on the Vaping Wiki.


Ready-to-use disposable e-cigarette, e-hookah and e-cigar

Disposables for all types of smokers looking to try vapour-based products as a replacement for cigarettes, or who are rare (or "social") smokers not ready to invest in the more robust rechargeable units. We have disposable e-Cigarettes, e-Cigars, and e-Hookahs / e-Shishas in a variety of colours, formats, and vapour flavours that are great for personal use or as gifts for friends and loved ones.