Committed to pushing the limits of vapour production, SMOK is perhaps best known for popularizing Direct To Lung "cloud-chasing" to the masses with introducing its innovative technology including widely available sub-ohm tanks and coils and starter kits for their devices that are targeted towards beginner and intermediate vapers.

SMOK is perhaps best known for its high power kits, which combine powerful mods with sub ohm tanks. This combination gives beginners an entry point to Direct To Lung vaping, without having to consider rebuildable options. However, Smok has also created more basic vape kits, including pod-styled vapes that come with everything you need to improve your vaping experience including extra pods and chargers.

As with any innovative brand, SMOK has never been one to follow current trends, instead opting to be the driving force behind the next big thing. Innovations made in SMOK's lines of box mods have drastically changed the way many people vape, while their extensive coil collection has pushed the boundaries of what can be offered in a pre-built coil head. While many of these innovations have been focused on high-power vaping, SMOK's long history as a vape company has given it a distinct expertise in understanding the landscape of vaping and has allowed it to continually introduce new products that fit a variety of vapers’ needs.


Throughout its history as a leader in the vape industry, SMOK has been responsible for several notable innovations. Some of the innovations include:

  • Dual Coil Atomizers - While dual coil atomizers existed back in 2011, SMOK was the first to make them available to the masses. Prior to this, vapers looking to take advantage of the power of a dual coil setup would have to have some experience with coil building. With dual coil atomizers being made available to the mass market, vapers could easily experience enhanced flavour, greater vapour production, and overall atomizer performance.

  • High Power Variable Wattage - SMOK may not have been the first company to utilize variable wattage control, but they definitely pushed the technology along and made it accessible to a wide array of vapers. High power mods used to come with a large price tag, but SMOK changed this idea by offering their high power variable voltage mods at an incredibly reasonable price, thus opening the market to vapers who wanted greater levels of control without breaking the bank.

  • Sub-Ohm Vaping - In the early days of vaping, sub-ohm vaping was an expensive experience that could only be delivered with a mechanical mod and rebuildable devices. This placed a high barrier of entry into the world of sub-ohm vaping, until SMOK introduced its line of sub-ohm tanks which made high-volume vaping available to vapers of all levels of expertise. The first of these tanks introduced by SMOK was the TFV4, which was compatible with SMOK's line of incredible sub-ohm coils, all of which were meant to maximize vapour production. The TFV line stands as SMOK's flagship line of sub-ohm tanks and has become a favourite among new vapers who want to emulate the fog machines used by more experienced vapers.

Founded in 2010, SMOK was established as the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co. Limited. Since its inception, SMOK has centered entirely on the e-cigarette industry, focusing primarily on research and development, brand management, sales channels, and overall technological development. These focuses have allowed SMOK to persevere in the competitive vaping industry and garner over 80 million consumers worldwide.

As a first-class international e-cigarette brand, SMOK carries a wide range of e-cigarette products, including vape mods, pod-systems, sub-ohm tanks, and much more. Within the realm of the e-cigarette industry, SMOK has pioneered a unique social media platform, known as Vaping Tour. This platform gives users a smart vaporizer management system, as well as a social media aspect that allows users to share vaping life and make connections with other vapers around the world.

All of SMOK's innovation is backed with a complete customer service system, designed to make cooperation smooth and efficient. SMOK's customer service team is trained to achieve win-win situations with customers, and SMOK truly believes in treating its customers as friends.

SMOK Vape Kits

From basic starter kits to full vape mods, SMOK happily caters to all levels of vapers. For new vapers, SMOK offers an extensive line of pod-systems and vape pens, including:

  • SMOK Stick Series: Ideal for vapers looking for portability and power, the Stick series of vapes combines a high power battery and sub-ohm tank in a sleek stick-like package.

For more experienced vapers, or for those looking for more power, SMOK offers some of the best vape mods on the market. SMOK's mods often offer vapers a staggering amount of power and control, coupled with a host of other features, including temperature control and TCR settings. Some of SMOK’s most popular mods include:

  • SMOK Alien Series: The Alien series of vape mods showcase pure power and are capable of hitting wattages up to 220 watts. The mod allows for maximum control over this power, along with adjustable temperature and wattage settings. When purchased as a full kit, the SMOK Alien Series is paired with the latest tank from SMOK's TFV series. The Alien series of mods is powered by two 18650 batteries, which must be purchased separately.

  • SMOK Species Kit: Designed to output a whopping 230W, the Species is the natural evolution of the Alien series and carries over a lot of the same features, as well as some improvements. This kit takes advantage of the SMOK Baby V2 tank, which is one of the best SMOK tanks ever made and utilizes mesh coils for greater flavour and vapour production.

While SMOK is now known as a leading manufacturer in almost all aspects of vaping, the brand truly got its commercial start on the strength of its sub-ohm tanks. Offerings like the TFV4 helped pioneer sub-ohm vaping for the masses, and were constantly upgraded to improve on existing features.

These upgrades have come mostly in coil designs which have evolved in a drastic way. From basic dual coil systems, to impressive octuple setups, their coils have almost always focused on cloud production, but still keep a focus on flavour. The impressive atomizers take advantage of all aspects of their tanks and leaves the vaper with a massive cloud and robust flavour.

As pod-systems become the norm in the vaping industry, SMOK is continuing with its ethos of innovation and has already released several pod-systems to the market. Some of these vape devices include:

  • Novo: Lightweight, sleek, and efficient, the Novo offers vapers an open-pod device that works simply. Perfect for new vapers, or any vape on the go, the Novo is completely fuss-free, thanks to it’s simple draw activation, and doesn’t feature any adjustable settings. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a basic system, the Novo is one of the best options.

  • Nord: Designed as the bigger brother to the Novo, the Nord offers longer battery life, a larger pod, and more options for coils. Perfect for beginners, the Nord is controlled via a single button and comes with a 0.6 ohm coil for sub-ohm vaping and a 1.4 ohm coil for MTL inhales. These options make the Nord slightly more customizable than the Novo, without having to sacrifice usability.

  • Mico: Introduced in January 2019, the Mico is an amazingly tiny pod device that still manages to deliver a satisfying vape. Built to be as slim and small as possible, the Mico can easily be held between just two fingers and a thumb. The pod itself easily presses into the device and is held together with friction and magnets.

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