Box Mod Vape Kits

For many experienced vapers, the Box Mod Vape Kit serves as one of the best options for anyone seeking performance and customization. Almost all modern Box Mod Vape Kits will include a high-power device (which may use an internal cell or *removable batteries), variable wattage control for said device, and a subohm tank. These features are what define a Box Mod Vape Kit and they allow for peak performance for any flavour or vapor chaser who may not be as concerned with portability.   

Unlike vape pens/open pod systems, and closed pod devices, Box Mod Vape Kits are less focused on portability and instead place a greater sense of importance on power and giving vapers control over their entire vaping experience. Generally speaking, almost all Box Mod Vape Kits will come with a variable wattage device, which will be powered by an internal cell or *removable batteries, and a subohm style tank. These core elements are designed to work in tandem with one another, and will generally allow vapers to dial in exactly how they want to vape, in terms of flavour and vapor production. This idea of customization is what has allowed Box Mod Vape Kits to remain so popular, despite any portability issues they may have. 

Unlike disposable, closed pod, and open pod systems, Box Mod Vape Kits tend to be quite larger, though they still can be stowed away in a large pocket or bag. That being said, thanks to their larger size, Box Mod Vape Kits tend to have a longer battery life and they are capable of greater wattage ranges for a variety of coils. 

While we do recommend Box Mod Vape Kits to any user wanting thick and flavourful plumes of vapor, it should be noted that these devices do require a certain level of knowledge on the part of the user. Vapers new to Box Mod Vape Kits will need to know how much power they can run through their coil, thankfully this range is often printed on the coil itself. While using a Box Mod Vape Kit isn't necessarily complicated, these devices tend to attract users who are more interested in the technical aspects of vaping and who may be trying to perfect their vaping experience.


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