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Designed to give vapers the most optimized vaping experience, the JUUL is hands down one of the most efficient and user-friendly e-cigarettes currently available on the market. The simplicity of the JUUL has allowed for a plethora of new vapers and has opened vaping up to a whole new market. At its core, the JUUL e-cigarette is a closed pod system that incorporates a standard battery with 0.7ml JUUL pods. This may not sound terribly impressive, but the simplicity of the JUUL is one of the keys to its success and has allowed the product to be versatile in the hands of both experienced and beginner vapers. Ultimately, the JUUL presents vapers with a truly distinct device that manages to offer a high degree of portability and ease of use but doesn’t sacrifice performance or overall vaping experience. You can purchase a JUUL in Canada at a 180 Smoke vape store.