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Designed to give vapers the most optimized vaping experience, the JUUL is hands down one of the most efficient and user-friendly e-cigarettes currently available on the market. The simplicity of the JUUL has allowed for a plethora of new vapers and has opened vaping up to a whole new market.


At its core, the JUUL e-cigarette is a closed pod system that incorporates a standard battery with 0.7ml JUUL pods. This may not sound terribly impressive, but the simplicity of the JUUL is one of the keys to its success and has allowed the product to be versatile in the hands of both experienced and beginner vapers. Ultimately, the JUUL presents vapers with a truly distinct device that manages to offer a high degree of portability and ease of use but doesn’t sacrifice performance or overall vaping experience. You can purchase a JUUL in Canada at a 180 Smoke vape store.

Conceptualized, designed, and built with smokers in mind, the JUUL is a true simplicity focused e-cigarette that is positioned perfectly to change the landscape of vaping and the ways in which vapers vape. With no buttons to speak of, the JUUL may not look like the most impressive device on the market, nor will it help you win any cloud blowing contests, but what it lacks in customization and capabilities it more than makes up for in overall experience.

Without going into egregious detail, the JUUL provides vapers with a restricted draw, which in turn produces small amounts of vapor. The vapor produced by the JUUL is quite flavourful, despite its size, and the overall inhale is quite reminiscent of a cigarette. The similarities to inhaling a cigarette seem quite intentional for the JUUL, as it’s meant to serve as an easy transition to any smokers that may want to pick up a vaporizer instead.

Pros and Cons of the JUUL

  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly portable
  • Technologically impressive
  • Similar inhale to smoking a cigarette
  • Lightweight
  • Somewhat expensive upkeep
  • Non customizable
  • Limited flavours and nicotine strengths
  • Non refillable

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Design and Features

Sleek and stylish, the JUUL takes the idea of minimalism to a whole new level and celebrates just how impactful simplicity can be. There are no buttons, no screens, and no dials to speak of. Instead, the JUUL relies on a single LED indicator to display information on the device, and is completely draw activated. The unique minimalist design of the device makes it instantly distinguishable, while also aiding the device in user-friendly nature.

In terms of materials, the JUUL is made entirely of metal and features gold plated connector pins to attach the pod to the device, as well as on the charging portion of the JUUL. Speaking of the charger, the JUUL uses a proprietary port which is magnetic to hold the device securely in place. The charger itself fits into a USB port, allowing vapers to charge anywhere they please and with external battery packs.

Looking next at the internal capabilities of the JUUL, the simple design eloquently hides what the device is actually capable of. As mentioned before, the JUUL is entirely draw activated, meaning users simply need to inhale off the device to introduce power to the coil. While the JUUL is not the first device to employ this feature, it has almost perfected it, as the JUUL pulls consistently every time and offers just the right amount of power and vapor with each inhale. Part of this consistency also comes from the internal power regulator on the JUUL, which helps regulate the temperature of the device and prevents users from taking in a dry hit. All these features help the JUUL standout from the plethora of e-cigarettes on the market, and help showcase just how technologically impressive this device is.

JUUL Pods and E-liquid

It’s impossible to deny that the design of the JUUL plays a huge factor in its popularity, but the true appeal of the device has to do with the pods and e-liquids it uses. Looking first at the pods, the JUUL utilizes disposable pods which come pre-filled with e-liquid. The JUUL pods hold 0.7ml of e-liquid and easily snap into the top of the device. Once the pods are empty, they’re designed to be disposed of and should not be refilled and used again. The closed pod nature of the JUUL does play heavily into its convenience and ease of use, but does make the device a little more expensive in terms of upkeep.

Looking next at the e-liquid used in the pods, the JUUL takes advantage of salt nicotine to provide a smooth and satisfying hit with very little vapor production. JUUL was actually the company that developed salt nicotine and is responsible for its rapid boom in popularity in the vaping industry. Unlike traditional freebase nicotine, salt nicotine is a more pure version of the substance and allows for nicotine to be more evenly dispersed across the body and in a more rapid way.

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There are currently six flavours available for the JUUL and they can be purchased from 180 SMoke vape Shops in Canada. These flavours include:

  • Mango
  • Cucumber
  • Vanilla
  • Virginia tobacco
  • Mint
  • Fruit punch
All the flavours come in 0.7ml pods and are available in 1.5%, 3%, and 5% nicotine strengths. Finding the right nicotine dosage is key to using the JUUL, as higher nicotine amounts can cause discomfort if you aren’t used to the dosage.

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JUUL vs. Open Pod Devices

As we mentioned earlier, the JUUL is considered a closed pod system, meaning it comes pre-filled with e-liquid and cannot be refilled by the user. This does make the JUUL easy to use -- with users being able to dispose of their pods once empty -- but it does make the upkeep of the JUUL slightly more expensive. Generally speaking, buying pods is more expensive than simply buying a bottle of e-liquid, but this cost isn’t astronomically higher and is generally accepted for the ease of use.

Conversely, an open pod device allows the user to fill their pod with any e-liquid they choose. These devices do make more sense economically, but do require some knowledge on the part of the user. Filling an open pod is not a difficult task at all, but it can be somewhat cumbersome to do when on the go and requires users to keep track of more things.

JUUL Canada

Ultimately, your decision to buy a JUUL will come down mostly to ease of use, which is a key aspect of the device. The closed pod design may be limiting to a degree, and it is slightly more expensive to upkeep, but these two factors go against the simple design of the JUUL and would make the device much harder to use for new vapers. If you value the simplicity of a JUUL Canada can purchase them at 180 Smoke vape stores.

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