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180 Smoke is proud to offer a variety of disposable devices by Envi Vape, including the Envi Apex (6mL) line which is available online and in stores, and the Envi Nano (2mL) and new Drip'n 5000 (10mL) line which are exclusively available online.


About Envi Nano, Envi Apex & Envi Drip’n 5000 disposable vapes

  • Envi Nano, Envi Apex and Envi Drip’n vapes are all disposable. They are sold pre-charged and pre-filled, which means you don't need to ever charge or refill the device. This makes them perfect vapes for travel or to use while on the go. Although the Envi Drip’n is also disposable and comes pre-filled, this new product is rechargeable, making this the first Envi vape from this line of products to come with a USB C cable.
  • The Nano offers approximately 800 puffs using a 500mAh cell, whereas the Apex offers more than triple-double the number of puffs with approximately 2500 using a 1100mAh battery. The Envi Drip’n on the other hand offers a whopping 5000 puffs approximately, using a 650mAh rechargeable battery. It’s clear they all provide plenty of power through to the last draw.
  • The Envi Nano and Envi Apex both have a restricted MTL (mouth-to-lung) draw, operate with buttonless puff activation, and create vapor using a 1.4Ω mesh coil. The Envi Drip’n is the first to offer the possibility of adjusting the draw resistance of the intuitive puff-activated atomizer thanks to the underside slider, which allows users to switch between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and restricted direct-to-lung and customize their vaping experience, all while using a 1.2Ω mesh coil. 
  • The Envi Apex and the Envi Nano disposables stand out for their sleek exterior design characterised by a black anti-slip grip finish. However, the Envi Drip’n is now moving away from that classic look and featuring an entirely new, very colourful, and compact box design that carries a more modern and casual look.
  • The Envi Apex has an LED indicator light on the base, and the entire base of the smaller Envi Nano lights up as you vape.
  • Envi Apex devices are pre-filled with 6mL of e-liquid,  while the Envi Drip’n comes prefilled with 10mL of e-liquid, making these the larger ones out of the three vapes. The Envi Nano vapes, on the other hand, come-prefilled with 2ml e-liquid which is the maximum amount allowed in British Columbia. The convenient e-liquid volume of the Envi Nano also counts for portability and affordability, considering the new federal vaping tax is generally favourable for smaller-capacity vapes. This tax is $1 per 2mL (or part thereof) up to 10mL, then $1 for each additional 10mL (or part thereof) which works out to:

    • $2 – $3 extra for most brands of prefilled pods, usually depending on the pack size.
    • $3 – $4 extra for most brands of disposable vapes, but ranges from $1 – $5.
    • $7 extra for a 30mL bottle of nic salts.
    • $10 extra for 60mL e-liquids.
  • Envi Nano vapes are 85 x 15mm, and Envi Apex devices are 108.2 x 21.1mm.

How much nicotine is in Envi Nano, Envi Apex & Envi Drip’n vapes?

The vapes have a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength which translates to 2% nicotine, adequate for beginner and seasoned disposable vape enthusiasts. Find out more about nicotine strength and nicotine types.

Who should buy Envi disposable vapes?

Envi vapes will work for all users; beginners and seasoned vapers alike. The portability and disposable features make the vapes perfect for vapers on the go interested in a sizable device. The Envi Apex and Envi Nano don’t need to be charged or refilled, which is very convenient. The Envi Drip’n does require to be recharged, but it is because of its higher puff count compared to the other two devices, which is a compromise we are willing to make in order to enjoy their new flavour combinations. The design of the Apex and Nano is appealing to those who like a classic and stylish approach with a modern twist, while the design of the Drip’n is perfect for users who like to express their personality through a fun, colorful, and very modern alternative. British Columbia also has a 2mL cap on e-liquid volume for pods, disposables, and tanks, making the Envi Nano ideal for far west coast vapers.

What’s different between Envi Nano, Envi Apex & Envi Drip’n vapes?

When comparing the Envi Apex, Envi Nano, and Envi Drip’n, there are some considerable differences:

  • The Envi Nano delivers approximately 800 puffs using 2ml e-liquid and a 500 mAH battery, whereas the Envi Apex offers 2500 puffs using 6ml of e-liquid capacity and an 1100 mAH battery, and finally the Envi Drip’n delivers approximately 5000 puffs using 10mL of e-liquid, and a 650mAh battery that recharges via USB C.
  • The Envi Nano is 85 x 15mm, the Envi Apex is 108.2 x 21.1mm and the Envi Drip’n is 85.5 x 40 x 19mm.
  • The entire base of the Envi Nano lights up during use, whereas the Envi Apex has a single LED indicator.

Although at a first glance it might seem like the Envi Nano comes short compared to the other available products from the Envi brand, keep in mind that the smaller size and capacity also means it is highly portable, convenient, and perfect to keep in your pocket or purse at all times for a discrete vaping experience. Let's not forget, it also means the Envi Nano is more affordable at only $12.99, compared to the Apex's $20.99. The Envi Drip’n might seem like the more expensive choice, but that is only because of the amazing 5000 approximate puffs and the new line of exciting flavours to choose from, so it’s not a bad deal after all, eh?  The modern world means we are always on the go and we need a device that can keep up with our lifestyle. The Envi Nano is exactly the right option for busy vapers who need an easy, affordable and portable device. 



Number of Puffs

E-liquid capacity

Battery capacity



Envi Nano



500 mAH


85 x 15mm

Envi Apex



1100 mAH


108.2 x 21.1mm

Envi Drip’n



650mAh battery


85.5 x 40 x 19mm


How to use and dispose of Envi disposable vapes responsibly

Disposables are easy to use. Simply buy, unpack the device, remove the mouthpiece cover and start vaping. As a responsible vaper, you should dispose of vapes in a safe and sustainable manner. 180 Smoke has a sustainable recycling program you should consider.

Ready to try Envi Nano disposable vapes? Visit the 180 Smoke site to browse the selection of mouthwatering vape flavours and take advantage of bulk discounts on all disposables.

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