Envi Apex Disposable Vape

Envi Apex is a range of prefilled disposable vapes that deliver delicious throat hits to seasoned and casual vapers alike, advancing the design of the popular Envi Boost series by packing even more satisfaction into each device. Featuring a powerful 1100 mAh pre-charged battery, the Envi Apex Disposable Vape is guaranteed to keep you going for a long time. It has a weight of just 60g and dimensions of 108.2 x 21.1mm, making it your ideal companion while on the go.

Envi Apex Disposable Vape

180 Smoke provides a wide range of Envi Apex Disposable Vapes, so you can choose the flavor that excites you the most. This all-in-one vape comes in a sleek design that features over-draw protection to ensure that you get just enough vape with each puff.

Each Envi Apex device has capacity for 6.0mL of e-liquid and contains 20mg/mL of nicotine salts, which is the maximum strength permitted under Canadian federal law. Your choice of flavors currently includes:

The Envi Apex is packed in a compact and lightweight pen, which makes it pocket-friendly for the on-the-go vaper. It features an anti-slip design, so you won’t ever have to worry about the pen falling from your hand. This means you can spend your days delighting your taste buds with vibrant flavors that come smoothly with every hit.


How many hits does an Envi vape have?

Each Envi Apex device is packed with approximately 2,500 tasty hits. This mouth-to-lung vape is single-use, meaning that you have to dispose of it once the prefilled e-liquid runs out. Luckily, we pride ourselves on having some of our stores be a part of the Smoke-Free Recycling Program in partnership with Rothman’s, Benson & Hedges (RBH), which means a few locations are now available for you to recycle your used vape pods and vape devices, so it’s now easier than ever to safely dispose of your single-use vapes. 

How long does an Envi vape last?

The Envi Apex Disposable Vape lasts anywhere between four days and a few weeks, depending on how frequently you use it. If you are just getting into vaping or perhaps you are an extremely casual vaper, the Envi Apex could last some weeks. On the other hand, if you are a heavy hitter, it may last between four and five days, after which you can dispose of it and grab a new one. 

How does the Envi Apex compare to the Envi Nano?

The difference between Envi Apex and Envi Nano narrows down to the available flavors, number of hits, battery life, price, and size. Envi Apex Disposable Vape has a smaller selection of flavors compared to the Envi Nano disposable vape. However, Envi Apex offers up to 2,500 puffs, which is almost 1,000 more than what you get with Envi Nano (which contains 800 hits). While Envi Apex has an 1100mAh precharged cell, the Envi Boost is equipped with a 400mAh precharged battery.

The higher battery life of Envi Apex is coupled with a higher e-liquid capacity of 6mL which is more than the 2mL you get with the Envi Boost, but the Boost is available to customers in British Columbia while the Apex is banned by the 2mL provincial cap. The Apex is 108.2 x 21.1mm and the Envi Nano is 85 x 15mm.

Both devices have a fixed mouth to lung draw, and offer a number of the same flavour profiles.


How does the Envi Apex compare to the Drip'n 5000 by Envi?

The Envi Apex is very comparable to the Envi Nano in design and flavour offerings, but the Drip'n 5000 by Envi is a completely different style device, with an entirely new line of flavour combinations. The Apex and the Nano are both black pen style vapes, but the Drip'n 5000 is a compact box design featuring a brilliant series of colors. The Drip'n 5000 is also prefilled with 10mL of e-liquid compared to the 6mL contained in the Apex, and offers twice as many puffs with 5000 whereas the the Apex only delivers 2500. The Envi Apex also has an 1100mAh pre-charged cell, whereas the Drip'n 5000 houses a 650mAh cell that recharges via USB C. Finally, the Apex has fixed MTL airflow, and the Drip'n 5000 offers adjustable airflow from MTL to restricted DTL.


How do I use the Envi Apex Disposable Vape?

The Envi Apex is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Thanks to its pre-charged battery, you need not worry about recharging the cell. It’s also pre-filled. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about refilling it either. Simply put the mouthpiece over your mouth to start taking your hits. The e-liquid will run out after about 2,500 puffs. When this happens, follow the recycling instructions on the pen and grab yourself a new, prefilled and pre-charged Envi Apex Disposable Vape.

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