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E-Cigs & Vape Pens

Vape Pens for Beginners

Vape pens are the most common form of e-cigarettes/herbal vaporizers used for vaping. They are noticeable by their long cylindrical shape. Many vapers start by using vape pen starter kits because it is relatively easier to use and cheaper than more advanced devices.

In choosing the best vape pen for you, there are four things to consider. The first is the degree of customization. Some vape pens feature variable air flow, while others only have one setting. Most beginner vapers start out with devices that have a single airflow setting such as Cloud Maker Nano, and eventually graduate to more advanced devices. The second function to consider is the battery life and performance of each vape pen. The longer the battery life, the more preferable a vape pen. In terms of performance, some devices offer a sub-ohming option, which allows the vape pen to produce a certain degree of vapor or flavour. The third is visibility. Some people prefer a vape pen that does not draw attention. These type of devices are called a stealth vape pen. These devices are typically smaller and designed not to produce a lot of vapor. The last thing to consider is the value vs price. A cheap vape pen may not fit your need, while expensive vape pens might have features you would not use.

In conclusion, you want to find a vape pen that fits your need, from ease of use, performance, visibility, and price. Also, don’t forget that with non-disposable ecigarettes you will need to replace coils every 1-4 weeks depending on how often you use your product.

Ecigarette Coils

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