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The Caliburn A2S Pod Kit (CRC) by Uwell is a compact pen style starter kit for MTL vaping featuring a 1.8mL top fill pod with a 1.2Ω meshed coil (1x included), and a 520mAh battery with USB C fast charging delivering 15W with a puff activated firing system.

Packs of 4 Replacement Caliburn A2/AK2/A2S Pods are also available.

Please Note: the Gold and Purple colours are online exclusive options, not available in stores.


The Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit (CRC) is the latest generation in a popular series of MTL vaping devices, featuring an updated pod series and housing. Compact, reliable, and easy to use, the Caliburn A2S is an ideal device for enjoying flavourful clouds of vapor with nicotine salt e-liquids, regardless of experience level.

The Uwell Caliburn A2S has a slender pocket friendly aluminum alloy frame shaped similar to the original Caliburn A2 and Caliburn G2, with a new e-liquid viewing window that allows you to maintain the levels far more conveniently, but no operating button.

The body houses a 520mAh cell that consistently delivers 15W to the coil with a puff activated firing system, and rapidly charges via a bottom USB C port (over 90% in under 35 minutes) with a multicolor light matrix that displays battery level while plugged in and flickers during use (green > 60% > blue > 30% > red). Use puff activation to intuitively produce vapor like classic combustion methods.

The Caliburn A2S pod (CRC version) has capacity for 1.8mL of e-liquid, with a comfortable mouthpiece designed to be removable with one hand while the pod is installed and a top fill port with an automatic press lock that prevents leaks, allowing you to quickly refill the cartridge on the go without any mess. The Caliburn A2S Pod has a FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 1.2Ω coil built in that produces fresh and flavourful vapor, and is compatible with the original 0.9Ω Caliburn A2 pods.

Packs of 4 Replacement Caliburn A2/AK2/A2S Pods are available here.

Please Note:

  • Caliburn A2S Pods are NOT compatible with the original Caliburn, Caliburn G, Caliburn Prime, or Caliburn Koko kits.
  • CRC version A2S Pods have a top fill spring loaded fill port, rather than side fill as indicated on the Uwell website.

Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit Specifications & Features:

  • Dimensions: 110.1 x 21.3 x 11.7mm
  • Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Battery Capacity: 520mAh
  • Net Weight: 31g (with empty pod)
  • Output Power: 15W
  • USB C Fast Charging: 90% < 35 min
  • A2S Pod Series:
    • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.8mL
    • Top Fill Pod
    • Built in FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 1.2Ω coil
    • Automatic Fill Port Lock
  • Draw Activation
  • Viewing Window
  • Multicolor LED Battery Indicator
  • Fixed MTL Draw Restriction
  • CRC

Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit Includes:

  • 1x Pod System Base
  • 1x Meshed-H 1.2Ω Pod
  • 1x User Manual
  • NOTE: charging cable is not included

Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod Kit Operating Instructions:

  • How to fill the pod:

    • Remove the mouthpiece by pressing to the side from the top, with the pod in the device.
    • Press fill tip into port to unlock, and fill pod.
    • Replace mouthpiece.
    • NOTE: wait 10 minutes after filling a new pod before using, to allow the wick to saturate and avoid burning
  • How to turn the device on/off:

    • The device is buttonless, and is always on when charged.

  • How to vape:

    • Draw activation - inhale to fire automatically.
    • NOTE: maximum draw time is 8 seconds - the LED flashes green 5 times if exceeded, and the device will stop working.
  • Battery indicator function:

    • Green: > 60%
    • Blue: 60% - 30%
    • Red: < 30%
    • The LED will flash to signal the remaining battery level during use:
    • The LED flashes red 10 times upon battery depletion.
  • Charging:

    • Green: > 60%
    • Blue: 60% - 30%
    • Red: < 30%
    • The LED will flash to signal the charging level while plugged in, and remain solid when fully charged:
  • Protections:

    • Short Circuit Protection: the LED flashes red 3 times, and the device stops working.
    • Low Voltage Protection: if the battery is depleted, the LED flashes red 10 times, and the device stops working.
    • Timeout Protection: when exceeding the maximum 8 second draw time, the LED flashes green 5 times, and the device stops working.
    • Open Circuit Prompt:if the pod is improperly connected, the LED flashes blue 3 times, and the device does not work.

Caliburn A2S FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about the Caliburn A2S:

The Caliburn A2S is the latest generation in a long line of popular open pod systems by renowned vape manufacturer Uwell, including the Caliburn A2, Caliburn AK2, Caliburn G2, and Caliburn GK2.

Thanks to the great construction and design of A2S vapes, issues are rare and usually solvable via basic diagnostics by users or vape shop employees. However, if your Caliburn A2S truly malfunctions, you should contact Uwell support.

1. What is the difference between the Caliburn A2 and A2S?

While the design and appearance of the Caliburn A2S is very similar to the Caliburn A2, there are some major differences. Most notably, the Caliburn A2S doesn't have a button so it is exclusively puff activated and always on, while the A2 is a dual firing device that can be turned off for storage or transportation. The form factors are very comparable, but functionally the A2S is more similar to the Caliburn AK2 than the A2.
The indicator light on the A2S is also integrated into the Caliburn logo (lights-consisted logo) and flashes in an animated fashion, while the A2 has a single multicolor indicator light at the base.

The Caliburn A2S also includes a single 1.2Ω refillable pod while the Caliburn includes two 0.9Ω refillable pods, but the pods are interchangeable between systems as well as with the Caliburn AK2, and have identical leak resistant spring loaded top fill ports under the removable mouthpiece.
Both systems house a 520mAh battery with USB C fast charging, capable of delivering up to 15W of power - automatically adjusting output, depending on the resistance of the pod in use.

2. Why is my Caliburn A2s blinking green?

If your Caliburn A2S is blinking green, the battery has more than 60% charge. Caliburn vapes have been designed with indicators that are easy to read. When the vape is blinking green, you don't need to worry about recharging it any time soon.

3. Why is my Caliburn A2s blinking blue?

If your vape is blinking blue, it means you have a 30%-60% charge. Although this is a good battery charge, you might have to charge it soon or try to conserve your battery if you are on the go and won't get an opportunity to recharge for a while.

4. Why is my Caliburn A2S blinking blue and not hitting?

Since a blue light means you have a 30%-60% charge if it’s not hitting then you should check the e-liquid level first. If the level is OK, proceed and check the contact points between the battery and the pod. Disconnect the pod and check to see if there is any dirt, moisture, or e-liquid on the contact points. If any, wipe the contact points with a clean paper towel and reconnect the pod.

5. Why is my Caliburn A2S blinking red?

If your A2S is blinking red, you have less than 30% charge left in the battery. Just before the battery is completely depleted, it will blink red 10 times before shutting off. Make plans to charge your device as soon as possible when it starts blinking red.

6. Why is my Caliburn A2S leaking?

The Caliburn A2S has a great pod design. The vapes are filled from the top, making it difficult for pods to leak. However, sometimes a device may not be held upright, or they are overfilled, and leaks can occur. If you put too much e-liquid (past the recommended level), you may experience some leaking. The same applies if you inhale too firmly. Such scenarios can draw excess e-liquid to the coil assembly.

7. Why does my Caliburn A2S taste burnt?

The wick (located inside the coil in the vape) may be burning out or drying if your A2S tastes burnt. Vapes need wicks to “carry” e-liquid from the tank to the vapouriser. If the wick isn’t working perfectly, it may not “carry” enough e-liquid resulting in a “dry hit” that tastes burnt and produces vapor that irritates the throat and tastes foul. You need to change the coil to solve the problem. It also helps if you make sure your e-liquid doesn’t run out completely before you refill. It’s also advisable to clean your coil regularly.

8. When should I replace my Caliburn A2S?

It's time to get a new Caliburn A2S device if the vaping experience has deteriorated. For instance, if you have replaced the coil but can't get rid of the burnt taste. The same applies to problems like leaking and battery charging when they are persistent despite recommended remedies to fix these situations.

You can also replace the vape if you are looking for an upgrade or a new experience. The device could be working perfectly but if you are in the mood for something new, who are we to stop you? Feel free to browse through our website and see if there is a shiny new vape you'd like to try!

9. When should I refill my Caliburn A2S pod?

Since e-liquid will last largely depending on your vaping habits (it will get finished faster if you vape more or take large draws), you should focus on the e-liquid viewing window that shows the e-liquid left. Once there is no more e-liquid in that compartment, you can refill your pod.

10. How long does the battery last on my Caliburn A2S?

The Caliburn A2S has a 520mAh battery, which means that the battery can release 520 milliamps of current for an hour at a specific voltage. Generally, such a battery will last for one to three days. However, this is subject to vaping habits. Overdrawing will drain the battery faster. Other factors that can reduce battery life in your A2S include overcharging and poor storage.

11. What e-liquid should I use in my Caliburn A2S pod?

The VG/PG ratio dictates the e-liquid thickness and overall vapor performance, with VG being thick. It dictates vapor production and smoothness. PG is thinner and dictates flavour depth and throat hit.
We recommend 50/50 e-liquid (VG/PG ratio or vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio) as the perfect ratio for Caliburn A2S pod kits: it offers the perfect flavour, throat hit and vapor production balance. It’s also recommendable for MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vaping devices like the A2S.
In regards to nicotine strength, 5-20mg nic salts is a good concentration and it works well for throat hit preferences ranging from beginner to seasoned vapers.

12. Why can’t I get the black cap off my Caliburn A2S pod?

Brand-new pods may have tight caps that are difficult to remove initially. You can use your fingernail to get a good grip on the base and try to get the cap off by lifting it upwards and outwards simultaneously. This should create a small gap and make it easier to get the cap off.

13. Why isn’t my Caliburn A2S producing any vapour?

There may be a connectivity issue if your A2S is charged (light is green or blue) and has e-liquid, but no vapor is produced when you take a hit. Remove the pod and check if there is e-liquid or dirt in the connectors. If there is dirt or e-liquid residue, wipe with a clean cloth, reconnect and try vaping again.

You can replace the pod if the above remedy doesn’t work. If the problem persists, your device may be damaged or faulty.

14. Why isn’t my Caliburn A2S producing enough vapour?

Vapor output may be dependent on how you vape. However, if there is a noticeable decrease in vapor production when all factors are constant, consider your battery level. When the battery light is green, the A2S has enough charge to deliver full power on every hit. However, when the battery level is blue (30-60%) or red (lower than 30%), the power output and vapor produced will decrease gradually as the battery capacity reduces. Try charging the device and see if the vapor production improves.

15. Why does my Caliburn A2S pod have spit back?

A spit back occurs when e-liquid collects in/around the coil and heats up too quickly, cooking the e-liquid instead of vaporizing it. This results in e-liquid in the air channel between the mouthpiece and atomizer coil. You can avoid a spit back by puffing moderately when you vape.

16. Why isn’t my Caliburn A2S charging?

First and foremost, check your charging cable for damage. You can change to another USB C cable. If the device is still not charging, try a different USB port or computer.

17. Why is my Caliburn A2S pod auto-firing?

Auto-firing is caused by a faulty draw activation: when the sensor responsible for detecting airflow triggers incorrectly. Auto-firing increases e-liquid pressure. To deal with this problem, remove the pod and clean the base using a clean cloth. Let the device sit for one hour before inserting the pod. If the problem persists, contact your retailer. However, ensure you don’t use your device when the air intake holes (located on the side) are blocked as this can also cause auto-firing.

18. How do I fill my Caliburn A2S pod?

As mentioned above, the A2/AK2/A2S pods have a leak resistant spring loaded top fill port under the mouthpiece. To remove the cover, press sideways against the front or back of the top of the mouthpiece. Push the tip of the bottle into the red fill port to compress the spring and open access before squeezing e-liquid into the pod. Take caution not to overfill, or e-liquid will escape from the venting port.

19. How should I clean my Caliburn A2S pod?

Remove the pod and wipe gently using a paper towel to remove any excess e-liquid that may be present on the surface. Wipe the connectors, sensors, and magnet, ensuring they are dry. Finish by wiping the mouthpiece with disinfectant wipes.

20. How long does the Caliburn A2S last?

Caliburn A2S vapes last dependent mainly on the coil, e-liquid, and battery. If the coil is still in good condition and the device has enough charge and e-liquid, you can expect to vape for weeks.


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