Based out of Waterloo, Canada, Arizer has established itself as a mainstay in the vaporizer industry and an established manufacturer of high-quality products. In this section, you’ll find a collection of Arizer products carried by 180 Smoke, including popular vaporizers and the accessories needed to keep these devices running properly.

With over a dozen years of manufacturing experience, Arizer has easily become a favourite in the hands of many herbal vapers. From large scale desktop devices to simple pocket vaporizers, Arizer has managed to distinguish itself among the competition, especially in regards to build-quality, innovative features, and overall performance. From first glance, all of Arizer’s devices embrace a sleek and modern design, which makes them instantly recognizable. At their core, all Arizer vaporizers incorporate ceramic heaters, glass stems, and stainless steel bowls and screens. These internal elements help drive the overall performance of Arizer’s devices, while also attributing to a sense of flavour that is almost unrivalled.

Arizer Devices

Whether you’re in the market for a desktop vaporizer or something more portable, Arizer has you covered. Their multitude of devices have proved to be a crowd favourite among herbal vaporizer users and the affordability of Arizer’s devices have increased their market appeal. The incredible value built-in to every Arizer device is sure to keep your wallet happy, while the impressive features of each device will ensure all your vaping experiences are flavourful and potent.

Along with an assortment of Arizer’s highest performing devices, 180 Smoke also carries a wide range of Arizer screens. These screens are one of the few consumables used by Arizer’s herbal vaporizers, and they help maintain the overall performance of the device. Each screen is constructed from high-quality stainless steel and is approved for use in its respective device. Ensuring you have the appropriate screen, and you are changing it when necessary, can make a huge difference in your vaping experience.

Finally, in this section, you will also find several replacement mouthpieces, which are compatible with some of Arizer’s portable herbal vaporizers. All of the mouthpieces in this section are manufactured by Arizer and are crafted from premium glass. The glass construction helps preserve the flavour of the vapour, while also helping to reduce heat transfer onto a user’s lips.

Starting with desktop vaporizers, Arizer offers a multitude of options such as the Arizer Extreme Q and the Arizer V-Tower. While similar, the V-Tower only uses a whip while the Extreme Q has the option to fill bags with vapor using an external fan, and has other premium features such as lighting. The XQ2 is Arizer's newest entry and aims to be their top of the line desktop vaporizer with incremental upgrades over the Extreme Q including better vapor quality. 

In addition to the desktop vaporizer options, Arizer also offers many different options when it comes to portable vaporizers as well. The Arizer Solo series has a short and stocky cylindrical frame housing a powerful internal cell for extended sessions, and is topped by a glass mouthpiece to maintain freshness. The Arizer Air series operates and looks similar, but has a taller and more slender frame with a removable 18650 cell that allows you to eliminate down time with a fresh battery. Both lines were popular with customers, and advanced to include a second generation device with precise temperature control. Evolving from this success came the more compact Arizer Argo, featuring a square frame with a recessed mouthpiece that is more pocket friendly, and protects the glass.

So as you can see, regardless of what kind of cannabis vaporizer you're currently in the market for, Arizer should have a product for everyone.

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