Twelve Monkeys Vapor

Crafted by some of the best minds in the e-liquid industry, Twelve Monkeys' Vapor Co. award-winning e-liquids are now available at 180 Smoke Vape Store. Check out our wide selection of Twelve Monkeys’ e-liquids, available in both freebase and nicotine salt.


Twelve Monkeys' Vapor Co. is focused on creating quality, premium e juices in professional laboratory environments using equipment, processes, and ingredients that are expected to create fantastic, great tasting products with an affordable price tag. Based in Canada, Twelve Monkeys' Vapor Co. designs in juices based on customer requests that strike the perfect balance of quality ingredients and skilled production that creates great tasting e juices.

Twelve Monkeys is unique and flavourful, they pack a serious punch. A blend of sweet, sour, and icy flavour combinations to choose from. Twelve Monkeys provides e-liquids for nic salt and freebase.

Some of Twelve Monkey's products we carry are their nic salts with no added sweeteners, 50% VG / 50% PG and a range of nic strengths ranging from 10mg to 48mg to satisfy your level of throat hit. Twelve Monkeys' has delicious and fruity freebase juices that deliver full and complex flavours. Sold in 60mL bottles with strengths ranging from 0 to 6mg of nicotine that leads to dense vapour production. Twelve Monkeys' Vapor Co. also created its Origins line that has flavours intended for an everyday experience. E juices with more simple and clean flavours with a hint of sweetness that allows for prolonged coil life.

We can help you decide what's the right nicotine strength for your eliquid. Visit the Vaping Wiki for more information!

Packed full of delicious fruit flavour, every Twelve Monkeys’ flavour perfectly showcases the natural sweetness and delicate complexities fruit-based e-liquids can offer. Each e-liquid made by Twelve Monkeys aims to push the boundaries on what fruit flavours can be and is sure to leave vapers craving more.

These premium e-liquids pack a serious punch with their unique flavour profiles. These juices contain juicy berries, sour lemons, and icy mint. If you enjoy exotic fruit mixes, Twelve Monkeys is for you. Available in nic salt and freebase these popular e-liquids will not leave you disappointed. The packaging perfectly describes the flavours that are vibrant, powerful, and playful. Head to the jungle and try Twelve Monkeys today

As a brand, Twelve Monkeys’ e-liquid has amassed several global awards, many of which cite the brand’s innovative blend of flavours and intricate complexities in its flavours. Part of this prestige lies in Twelve Monkeys’ commitment to detail and their strict adherence to user acceptance and laboratory testing. These procedures help ensure each bottle of Twelve Monkeys’ e-liquid is up to an incredibly high standard and is the perfect representation of what the brand has to offer.

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