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While there are plenty of companies populating the vaping industry, none are as prolific or as innovative as Aspire. Established in 2013, Aspire has always been a pioneer in the vaping industry and is responsible for many of the innovations used across modern vaping products.


Established in ShenZhen in 2013, Aspire is one of the early pioneers of the vaping industry and is often cited as one of the most innovative and seminal companies within the space. Their continued innovations have made vaping easier and more accessible as a whole, and have enabled new and experienced vapers to continue their enjoyment.

Aspire Vape Kits such as the Nautilus and K1 Plus were early favourites among vapers, where as the AVP and Breeze showcase how Aspire is willing to evolve with outside innovations in the vaping industry, namely the rise of pod systems. These are the key factors that drive Aspire as a company, a commitment to lasting innovation and a willingness to follow trends in the industry while still advancing the existing technology.

Throughout the years, Aspire has expanded to be an international company, with service centers around the world to provide customers with quick and efficient support. The international expansion of Aspire has allowed the brand to establish connections with domestic and overseas distributors, including those in Canada and the United States. As an international brand, Aspire can now properly serve all of its customers and can further progress its innovative products by taking all vaping markets into consideration.

What Products does Aspire Offer?

As one of the longest running brands in the e-cigarette industry, Aspire has managed to create a variety of products, all of which target specific types of vapers while still being versatile devices for all users. The products range from a variety of tanks, coils and mods, all of which are produced by Aspire in China, and have been tested by the company to provide the best vaping experience possible.

Aspire Tanks

Looking first at the tanks available, Aspire is perhaps best known for its Nautilus series. This tank series was one of the first in the industry to offer adjustable airflow and is often regarded as one of the best tanks in the pre-sub-ohm era. The Nautilus series is still being produced by Aspire and has seen several upgrades to bring it up to the modern era. Aspire also carries a range of sub-ohm tanks, including the Cleito and the EVO.

Aspire Coils

To go with all these tanks, Aspire has created a range of coils to support them, some of which utilize ceramics in interesting ways. It should be noted that some modern tanks, produced by other manufacturers, are still using Nautilus coils or are compatible with Nautilus coils.

Aspire Mods

While Aspire is perhaps best known for its tanks, the company is no stranger to producing devices, and has developed and created several mods that have been very well received. Mods such as the Zelos and the NX30 have showcased the brand’s ability to create impressive variable wattage mods, while the PockeX showcases the brand’s ability to create a powerful beginner-friendly device.

Aspire Pod Systems

In the modern era of vaping, Aspire has showcased a willingness to continue its innovation and has produced a line of open pod systems, namely the AVP and the Breeze series. Looking first at the AVP, Aspire has introduced a draw activated mod to its device lineup, that also manages to serve an ultra-portable everyday carry device. The Breeze functions in a similar way, but employs a fire button and carries a larger battery. Both these devices have become quite popular among vapers and have shown that despite Aspire’s history, they are still willing to push towards innovation.

Notable Aspire Devices

  • Nautilus series
  • K1 series
  • Breeze series
  • Cleito and Cleito Pro
  • Zelos series
  • Aspire Cobble AIO kit

Products for New and Experienced Vapers

Whether you’re a lifelong Aspire fan, or a new vaper looking for their first device, you truly cannot go wrong with something produced by Aspire. Their commitment to the vaping industry is the reason they've managed to exist for so long and they are clearly still capable of keeping up with classic names and up and comers in the industry.

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