Allo Vapor Disposable Vape

Say Allo to the disposable vape that has been designed with traditional smokers in mind. Switching ecigarettes has never been easier with the simplicity and variety of flavours available from Allo Disposables.


Allo Disposables is an all-in-one e-cigarette that has been designed with current and previous smokers in mind to ensure familiarity for anyone looking to grab this versatile disposable device. From its ease of use and lightweight, compact design to the convenient ability to dispose of it once you're finished, Allo Disposables are a device that any user will be comfortable with. Picking up an Allo disposable is simple, and we recommended it if you enjoy simple, smooth, and flavorful hits without the fuss of a larger device.

Allo Disposables

180 Smoke carries a variety of Allo Disposable flavours, the full collection of Allo Original and Allo Ultra. Each Allo Original is prefilled with 1.2mL of e-liquid, while the Allo Ultra has a capacity of 3.8mL. Allo Original Disposables have a 280mAh battery which is designed for all-day use while the Allo Ultras house a 550mAh battery, designed to go even further and last longer. Each device is built-in with over inhale as well as short circuit protection so you don't have to worry about any complications with the operation of your device. Tantalize your vape buds with Allo Vapor.

Allo disposables are an all-in-one device that provides a simple but enjoyable vaping experience that is disposed of once empty. Despite their simple exterior, these disposable vapes are full of features including over-inhale protection, pocket friendly design, and smooth delivery of vapour every time.

  • Flavour Variety - Allo Disposables are available in a number of different flavours so that there is something for everything
  • Ease of Use - Allo Disposables come fully charged when you get them and are draw-activated for effortless use
  • Long Lasting - With 1.2mL of eliquid and a 280 mAh internal battery in the Allo Original and 3.8mL of eliquid and a 550mAh battery in the Allo Ultra, these disposables will go further and keep up with all day use without a problem

How much nicotine is in an Allo vape?

All Allo vapes sold at 180 Smoke contain 20mg/ml of nicotine which is enough for most daily users. How much nicotine a user needs depends on the person and their individual factors. These factors include whether you’ve ever been a tobacco user in the past, diet, your weight, genetics, etc. If you are a beginner you should always start with the lowest nicotine content available and only take one puff at a time.

How to use an Allo disposable vape?

Using an Allo vape is extremely simple whether you’ve used a vape in the past or not. There is actually no on button on this vape to speak of, you simply inhale the size puff you want to take, exhale, and put it away when you’re done. There’s actually no charging of the device required either if you can believe it or not. The Allo is engineered so that the single use battery dies out when the e-liquid inside is also ready to run out. The light on the vape will flash when you attempt to use it and either no vapor or significantly less vapor will be produced. When the vape has stopped producing vapor, simply throw it away or recycle it and start using a new Allo vape.

What are the differences between the Allo Ultra 800 and the Allo Ultra 1600?

When it comes to the Allo Ultra 800 vs the Allo Ultra 1600, the main difference is actually in the number of puffs rather than the performance. The number at the end actually refers to the total estimated number of puffs the vape is rated for, so the Allo Ultra 800 is rated for 800 puffs while the Allo Ultra 1600 is rated for 1600 puffs. The one you decide to go with depends on your individual needs and price considerations. Some people may prefer to have less juice overall but change flavors more often, while others will want the biggest tank volume available.

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