Disposable Vape Allo Ultra 1600

Allo Ultra 1600 disposable vapes deliver over 1600 puffs of delicious vapor using 6ml of e-liquid pre-filled with 20mg/ml nickel salts and a fully charged 1000mAh battery.

Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Vaporizers

Allo Ultra 1600 Vaporizers are designed for a convenient and flavorful vaping experience.

They are disposable, which means they don't require recharging or refilling. Simply buy, use to the last puff and dispose of it responsibly.

Allo Ultra 1600 vapes offer approximately 1600 perfect puffs, which is more than adequate for beginner and seasoned vapers on the go. The 1000mAH pre-charged battery can power the vape to the last puff.

The Allo Ultra 1600 vape design is another aspect that stands out. The vapes are sizable (measuring 111 x 19mm), helping them fit perfectly in any pocket or purse thanks to their lightweight design. Allo Ultra 1600 vapes are MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices that offer notable advantages, such as bringing out the best in flavours and consuming less e-liquid than DTL (direct-to-lung) devices.

The convenient 6ml e-liquid volume not only makes them super portable, but also makes them more affordable with the new federal vaping tax in mind. This works out to:

  • $3 per Allo 1600
  • $2 – $3 extra for most brands of prefilled pods, usually depending on the pack size.
  • $3 – $4 extra for most brands of disposable vapes, but ranges from $1 – $5.
  • $7 extra for a 30mL bottle of nic salts.
  • $10 extra for 60mL e-liquids.

Other elements that make the Allo Ultra 1600 stand out include the unique, clean, and colourful design. The colours align with the chosen flavour, making it perfect for users who appreciate those little details as much as we do. Additionally, they have a standard over-inhale system and short circuit protection. The convenient draw activation is another benefit of using these products, because we know the value of an easy and straightforward vaping experience, with no buttons or locks to click on in order to get to the mouthwatering experience.

How much nicotine is in Allo Ultra 1600 vapes?

The vapes have a 20 mg/ml nicotine strength which translates to 2% nicotine, adequate for beginner and seasoned disposable vape enthusiasts. Find out more about nicotine strength and nicotine types.

What is different about this Allo product?

The Allo brand has consistently created great vaping devices that continue to prove why the brand is so popular and well-established. In terms of their disposable models, the Allo Ultra 1600 is an excellent mid-size device in the line, packed the same great flavours. That said, there are some significant differences between the Allo Ultra 1600, and the smaller Allo Ultra 500:

  • The Allo Ultra 1600 has the same 20mg/mL of nicotine as the Ultra 1600, but contains more e-liquid, generating a larger number of puffs. The Allo Ultra 1600 is prefilled with 6mL of e-liquid and delivers approximately 1600 puffs, whereas the Allo Ultra 500 is prefilled with only 2mL of e-liquid and delivers roughly 500 puffs of vapor.
  • The Allo Ultra 1600 is powered by an 1100mAh cell, and the Allo Ultra 500 is powered by a 500mAh battery - both ideal for their own size.
  • The Allo Ultra 1600 is round and larger at 111 x 19mm, while the Allo Ultra 500 is slightly oblong and only 100 x 21 x 15mm.

Overall, this shows the Allo Ultra 1600 fits comfortably within the brand's many great options and poses some significant advantages over its counterparts. The Ultra's battery capacity and flavour variety are the real highlights of the product, and Allo's overarching commitment to having great-quality devices at affordable prices solidifies this brand as a great option for vape enthusiasts and an exciting addition to the 180 Smoke arsenal.

How to dispose of vapes after use

Vapes should be disposed of responsibly. At 180 Smoke, we strive for responsible vaping, which also includes disposing of vapes in a manner that doesn't harm the environment. 180 Smoke is proud of having a recycling program with RBH (Rothman's, Benson, and Hedges) and VUSE. The program covers vapes, and other products dropped off for recycling at select locations within Canada.

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