Waka Mirror Disposable Vapes by RELX

Waka Mirror rechargeable disposable vapes are prefilled with 10mL of e-liquid containing 18mg/mL of nic salts and delivers up to 4500 puffs of delicious vapor using a 500mAh battery that recharges via USB C.

WAKA Mirror Disposable Vapes by RELX

WAKA Mirror vapes are by RELX, the renowned vape brand that is also behind the Waka Slam, Waka Smash, and Waka Solo.

WAKA vapes are an excellent choice for all types of users, from beginners to season vapers, offering a wide range of flavours and puff counts.

Notable features of the WAKA Mirror include a unique design: its square shape is accompanied by a metallic finish created with multiple electroplating rounds that create a hard, resistant and shiny gloss appearance that inspires the name: WAKA Mirror.

The vapes also have an upgraded mesh coil design and porosity characterized by six cotton layers that enhance vaporizing to give out a richer taste to the last puff.

WAKA Mirror disposable vapes

Waka Mirror vapes have a 500mAh battery that is rechargeable and a puff count of up to 4,500 puffs. You can recharge the device and vape to the last drop of the prefilled e-liquid.

Most importantly, the Waka Mirror series comes with an exclusive upgrade in the form of the new 9-Layer FlavorLock Tech that perfectly seals the device through nine (9) layers to guarantee the same flavour richness from beginning to end, and is designed to improve the average flavour release by 33%.

Waka Mirror vapes also stand out for its commitment to exceeding safety standards. The vapes have undergone and passed:

  • 23 standard battery tests
  • 15 e-liquid quality tests
  • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD) tests

This is reportedly the safest Waka product to date.

WAKA Mirror disposable flavours

180 Smoke offers 12 fruity Waka Mirror flavours that are either composed of one, two, or three fruit flavour mixes. They currently include:

  1. Pomegranate Apple
  2. Passion Fruit Guava
  3. Pinenana Melon
  4. Dark Cherry
  5. Cherry Lime
  6. Tropical Fruit Surge
  7. Pineapple Coconut
  8. Mango Melon Aloe
  9. Strawberry Grape
  10. Strawberry Mango
  11. Watermelon Chill
  12. Blueberry Lemon

How much nicotine does a WAKA Mirror disposable vape have?

All WAKA Mirror vapes are prefilled with 10 ml of e-liquid containing 18 mg/ml nic salts which translate to 2% nicotine strength, ideal for beginner to seasoned MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers. You can learn more about choosing nicotine salts to ensure you select the best strength and type.

How to use a WAKA Mirror disposable vape

The Waka Mirror vapes are sold prefilled with e-liquid and are fully charged. No buttons. No fuss. This means they are very easy to use: simply unpack the product and start inhaling through the mouthpiece to automatically activate the atomizer. After use, store your device in a cool and dry place. The mouthpiece should also be wiped using antibacterial wipes.

As a disposable vape with a rechargeable battery, vape and recharge it accordingly and then you can dispose of it responsibly. 180 Smoke has a recycling partnership program with RBH (Rothman's and Benson & Hedges).

Benefits of WAKA Mirror disposable vapes

  • Unique metallic finish: WAKA Mirror vapes have a new shiny gloss. The exterior is made up of four metals that have undergone multiple electroplating rounds, changing the normal colourful design of the Waka vapes for a new modern and shiny one that is bound to stand out.
  • Advanced coil: WAKA Mirror comes with an upgraded match of the MESH coil design and porosity of the 6 layers of cotton, which will improve the vaporizing performance for a richer taste.
  • New FlavorLock Tech: the device is now firmly sealed through 9 structural layers to ensure the rich taste and mouth-watering experience remain the same from the first puff to the last.
  • Safe, high-quality vape: The multiple battery, e-liquid, and TPD tests done are a testament to its high quality.
  • Rechargeable battery: The 500 mAH allows vapers to draw up to 4,500 puffs with ease while charging the device as the need arises.
  • Fruity flavour variety: The 12 mixed fruit and menthol flavours are unique, tasty, and capable of satisfying vape enthusiasts who love fruity flavours.

WAKA Mirror vs WAKA Slam vs WAKA Smash vs WAKA Solo

How does the WAKA Mirror compare to the Waka Slam, Waka Smash, and Waka Solo?


Waka Slam

Waka Smash

Waka Solo

Waka Mirror


Pencil-like, thick

Rounder, shorter, thicker

Pencil-like, thin

Thicker, shorter

No. of puffs/e-liquid capacity

2,500 puffs,
6ml prefilled e-liquid

6,000 puffs,
12ml prefilled e-liquid

1,500 puffs,
5.5ml prefilled e-liquid

4,500 puffs,
10 ml prefilled e-liquid

Battery capacity & type

precharged battery

rechargeable battery

precharged battery

rechargeable battery


9 flavours

12 flavours

20 flavours

12 flavours

Nicotine strength

18 mg/ml

18 mg/ml

18 mg/ml

18 mg/ml

Airflow type

Fixed, loose MTL (Mouth-to-Lung), restricted DTL (Direct-to-Lung)

Fixed, loose MTL (Mouth-to-Lung), restricted DTL (Direct-to-Lung)

Fixed, MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) draw

Fixed, MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) draw

Are you ready to try any one or more of the RELX/WAKA Mirror disposables vapes? Head over to 180 Smoke and choose from the 12 flavour varieties. Earn loyalty points with every purchase and discounts for bulk purchases on select vapes.

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