While VOOPOO may not have been initially founded as an e-cigarette company, the brand has since gone on to become one of the most innovative and technologically impressive brands currently in the industry. From high-power vape kits to versatile pod mods, VOOPOO has become one of the most trusted brands in the e-cigarette industry when it comes to performance and reliability.

Initially founded in 2014 as a medical and industrial tech company, it was only a matter of time before VOOPOO entered the e-cigarette industry. Thanks to an acquisition in 2017 by Woody Vapes, VOOPOO officially entered the e-cigarette industry and brought with them the knowledge the gained from pioneering technologies in the medical and industrial sectors.


For many experienced vapers, their first introduction to VOOPOO was through the impressive VOOPOO Drag kit, which made use of the GENE chip. The GENE chip has become a staple innovation from VOOPOO and allowed the brand to create compact devices which feature fast heat times, high-power, incredible customization, and accurate power readings.

In addition to impressive internal components, VOOPOO distinguished themselves with creative external designs which helped the brand standout amongst the competition. By prioritizing ergonomics and ingenuity, VOOPOO was quickly able to solidify a standard of design that was quickly and easily recognizable to a wide array of vapers. From the cosmic resin panels of the VOOPOO Drag to the sleek and futuristic appearance of the Vinci X, VOOPOO has shown that design and aesthetics are just as integral as internal capabilities.


In terms of product selection, VOOPOO produces devices for new and experienced vapers. In both cases, VOOPOO’s products focus on performance and customization. Almost all their devices feature some sort of variable wattage support and are designed to serve as all-in-one devices. This versatility is not exclusive to VOOPOO, but their technological innovations help them stand out amongst their competition.

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