VEEV NOW Disposable Vapes (formerly VEEBA)

Meet VEEV NOW (formerly known as VEEBA) – a new disposable vape.

Offering 9 vibrant flavours in a range of fruit, mint, tobacco and even cooling fruit. There’s a VEEV NOW for everyone!

VEEV NOW Disposable Vape devices offer an amazing vaping experience using 2mL of e-liquid with 1.8% (20mg/mL) of nicotine salts and a 280mAh battery, delivering up to 500 puffs of vapor with a tight satisfying pull activated draw.


VEEV NOW disposable vapes

VEEV NOW disposable vapes are new disposable vapes (formerly named VEEBA) designed to offer a new vaping experience to all kinds of vapers. The vapes have a sleek design and nine vibrant flavours that are bound to satisfy the tastes and preferences of any vaping enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned vapers. VEEV NOW disposable vapes are lightweight (at only 20.5g) with an e-liquid capacity of 2mL, but pack a powerfully satisfying punch with a tight draw.

VEEV NOW disposables

180 Smoke is now offering a wide selection of VEEV NOW disposable vape flavours, with each one featuring three of the following hints for you to enjoy - fruit, cooling, creamy, citrus, minty, creamy, berry, exotic, or sour:

VEEV NOW disposables contain 20mg/mL (1.8%) of nicotine salts. The 280 mAH battery guarantees an uninterrupted vaping experience of 500 puffs featuring a tight pull-activated draw. VEEV NOW vapes have what it takes to offer a great vaping experience. Battery and capacity features aside, the vapes are sizable at (115mm by 17.9mm by 9.4mm). Considering the 20.5g weight and small size, you can fit your disposable and carry it around in any pocket or bag comfortably without sacrificing comfort. 

How much nicotine does a VEEV NOW disposable vape have?

VEEV NOW disposable vapes have 20mg/mL (1.8%) of nicotine salts. In order to get a medium vapor production, the amount of nicotine salts ranges between 20-30mg/mL, which will make a reasonable amount of cloud. If this nicotine strength is too much for you, you can always dilute your vape juice. Knowing your prefered nicotine strength will make a difference in your vaping experience because finding the right amount will help address your cravings while it also gives you some sort of throat hit. 

This amount will vary depending on several factors like tolerance, weight, genetics, and personal tastes and preferences, so the best option is for you to try out our VEEV NOW vapes and see what your preference is. With our different vape flavours you are bound to find one that perfectly fits your needs.

How to use a VEEV NOW disposable vape

VEEV NOW vapes are sold with fully charged batteries that allow you to begin your vaping experience immediately. The vapes also contain enough e-liquid for 500 puffs. Vaping is as simple as receiving your vape and taking a puff.  

Simply take your hits through the mouthpiece. The vape automatically turns on when you take your hit, which is indicated by a glowing light at the base. Most importantly, you intuitively control how much you inhale just as you would breathing through your mouth. For beginners, you should start with a light, short puff at first, increasing as you become more comfortable to establish the precise quantity desired. 

After a vaping session, put your vape in your bag or pocket. As mentioned, the size and weight of the vape is perfect for storage anywhere, unlike bulkier vapes. Once you exhaust the puffs, the battery will die out naturally. VEEV NOW vapes should be recycled properly before you get a new vape.

Benefits of VEEV NOW disposable vapes

For a summary of the top reasons to get VEEV NOW vapes, see these benefits below:

  • Flavour variety: You have nine flavour varieties to enjoy, like Gold, Blue Mint, Indiblue, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Red, Mauve, Coral Pink, and classic tobacco flavours. What's more, each flavour has three unique hints.
  • 350 puffs at a very competitive price.
  • Nic salt quantity is in line with federal regulations.
  • Nic salts in the vapes aren’t harsh on a vaper’s throat as is the case with freebase nicotine.
  • VEEV NOW disposables have a sleek and compact design.
  • The vapes offer a vaping experience ideal for beginners and seasoned vapers.
  • No charging. Vape battery designed to last to the last puff.
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