Vape Pen Batteries

While they may not be the most powerful devices in the vaping industry, 510 vape pen batteries present a very portable battery option for any of your 510 threaded tanks. These 510 vape pens are compatible with the 510 threaded cannabis extract cartridges sold by OCS.  


For many experienced vapers, 510 threaded vape pen batteries served as the gateway into the world of vaping. That being said, these devices still serve a purpose, especially for cannabis users looking to utilize pre-filled extract cartridges sold by OCS. 

In terms of construction, 510 vape pen batteries are incredibly compact and utilize an internal cell of power whatever tank is screwed into the 510 threading. The batteries are somewhat limited on 510 vape pens, but they should provide enough power for short vaping sessions. If you are a more regular user, we recommend purchasing several 510 vape pen batteries and keeping a few charged and on-hand. 


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