STLTH X pods deliver more airflow and flavour, using the original STLTH devices.
Specifically designed for STLTH Vape Kits, STLTH X pods are a convenient, pre-filled e-liquid cartridge designed to deliver extra airflow and flavour. Each STLTH X pack comes with three 2ml pre-filled pods filled with your preferred flavoring for a delicious experience with each haul. STLTH X pods are available with 20mg/mL of nicotine salts, or Bold50 hybrid nicotine blend. STLTH X pods are available with 20mg/mL of nicotine salts or Bold⁵⁰ hybrid¹ nicotine e-liquid blend - optimized for the STLTH system with a harsher hit to replace the satisfaction of the original 50mg salts, using only 20mg. In other words, the e-liquid blends a freebase nicotine with nicotine salts to provide users with a high concentration punch using less nicotine in each pod. These hybrid pods are purposefully designed for a mouth to lung vaping experience making them ideal for users who are just starting to vape. STLTH Classic and STLTH Savage pods are also available with Bold35 nicotine, crafted to replace the 35mg options.

Benefits of Pre-Filled STLTH X Pods

Although there are numerous vapes available that allow users to re-fill their pods themselves using their choice of e-liquid, there are multiple benefits to purchasing a vape with pre-filled pods instead. One of the first benefits is that pre-fillable pods are less maintenance than refillable ones. E-liquid is very sticky, and for some vapes, it can be challenging to refill without making a mess. Further, pre-filled pods are easy to use, and you can change between pods when you’re on the go without having to carry around your vape kit with you. Additionally, pod vape systems are generally more compact and lighter than other types of vapes. Therefore, you can put them in your pocket or carry them around with you in a bag without worrying about e-liquid spilling anywhere.

So, why Choose STLTH X Pods?

STLTH X pods are widely appreciated amongst the vaping community for many reasons. Not only do they provide users with a powerful, smooth hit with extra airflow that is packed with extra flavor, but they’re also more affordable than many other brands of vape pods. In addition, the large selection of flavors can appeal to all vapers, and the 2ml capacity per pod offers users approximately 200 puffs before needing to be replaced. Therefore, depending on how much you vape, you can get at least a couple of days or longer with each pod before switching it out for another pod in your pack.

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