STLTH 8K Disposable Vapes

Each STLTH 8K Disposable Vape delivers up to 8000 puffs of delicious vapor using 14mL of e-liquid and an intuitive draw activated atomizer, powered by an 800mAh rechargeable battery.

STLTH 8K vapes

STLTH 8K vapes are made by leading Canadian vape company STLTH Vape, the same company behind STLTH 3K and STLTH 5K disposable vapes. STLTH vapes stand out for their unique e-juice blend that offers a very smooth but intense vapor. The vapes also stand out for their sleek but compact and portable design.

  • STLTH 8K vapes are a great, high-capacity vape option
  • They are sizable and compact (sturdy when held by hand and fit in any pocket)
  • They also come with indicator lights for e-liquid and battery levels

STLTH 8K disposable vapes

STLTH 8K disposable vapes come pre-filled with 14 ml e-liquid that produces up to 8,000 puffs. The vapes also come with a powerful rechargeable 800 mAH battery capable of powering the device to the last puff. Being STLTH vapes, STLTH 8K disposables come with a proprietary vape juice blend that is intense and surprisingly smooth.

STLTH 8K Disposable flavours

180 Smoke is currently offering 15 unique fruity flavours. There's also a flavourless vape. The flavoured vapes have varying flavour profiles. They include;

How much nicotine do STLTH 8K disposable vapes have?

STLTH 8K vapes have 20mg/mL of nic salts, which is equivalent to 2% nicotine. Users who wish for a lower nicotine level can consider taking lighter and fewer puffs per vaping session initially and increase gradually over time. You can also read more about choosing the perfect vape nicotine strength and find more useful topics in our resources. 

How to use STLTH 8K vapes

  • Vaping: STLTH 8K vapes are puff-activated vapes. Simply remove the packaging and take a puff to start drawing vapour. It’s recommendable to start taking small light puffs and increase as desired. When the e-liquid or battery level is low, the indicators will flash red. 
  • Storage: After use, wipe the mouthpiece with antibacterial wipes before storage. The vapes should be kept away from children and in a cool dry place away from the heat to prevent damaging the device battery and posing other hazards like fire.
  • Disposal: Wapes should be disposed of responsibly. 180 Smoke, alongside Benson & Hedges and Rothman's, has a vape recycling initiative that makes it possible for users to dispose of vaping devices at designated 180 Smoke store locations.

Benefits of STLTH 8K disposable vapes

  • Reputable brand: STLTH 8K vapes are by reputable Canadian vape manufacturer STLTH Vape, renowned for unique e-juice blends and superior vape design
  • High puff count: STLTH 8K vapes offer up to 8,000 puffs, which is more than adequate for a disposable vaping experience 
  • Portable and convenient: The vapes can be held comfortably and have the perfect size to fit in any pocket or purse for on-the-go vaping 
  • Extensive flavour variety: 180 Smoke has 15 STLTH 8K vape flavours to try out, including a flavourless option. The varying flavour profiles also offer something for every vaper, regardless of taste experience
  • Powerful battery: The 800mAH rechargeable battery is capable of extracting hundreds of puffs before being recharged
  • Battery and e-liquid indicators: STLTH 8K vapes will flash red to let you know when the battery level is low and the e-liquid is about to run out

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Comparison table: STLTH 3K vs STLTH 5K vs STLTH 8K



STLTH 3K disposable vapes

STLTH 5K disposable vapes

STLTH 8K disposable vapes


Pencil-like design

Shorter & thicker design

Shorter & thicker design

No. of puffs

3,000 puffs

5,000 puffs

8,000 puffs

Battery capacity

800 mAH precharged battery

600 mAH rechargeable battery

800 mAH rechargable battery

No. of flavours

8 flavours

14 flavours

15 flavours

E-liquid capacity

6 ml prefilled e-liquid

10 ml prefilled e-liquid

14 ml prefilled e-liquid

Nicotine strength




Indicator lights


YES. Battery indicator light & e-liquid indicator light

YES. Battery indicator light & e-liquid indicator light


Puff activated

Puff activated

Puff activated

Airflow type

Fixed MTL (Mouth-to-Lung)

Adjustable MTL (Mouth-to-Lung)

Adjustable MTL, Restricted Direct-to-Lung


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