SnowPlus Pods

Check out our leak-proof, puff-activated SnowPlus pods featuring over 20 delicious flavours bound to satisfy the most unique e-liquid tastes and preferences.

SnowPlus Pods are exclusively compatible with the SnowPlus Lite and SnowPlus Pro devices, and are available in the Classic Collection (3pk/1.5mL ea) of imported flavours, the Canadian Collection (3pk/2mL ea) which features locally developed and packaged flavours in a redesigned pod, and Premium Pods (3pk/2mL ea) which feature flavours from favorite Canadian e-liquid brands.


SnowPlus pods: SnowPlus Canadian, Classic, and Premium pods

Each type of SnowPlus pod stands out for specific reasons, the most notable being the type offlavours you get.

SnowPlus Canadian pods

These pods are composed of locally developed and packaged flavours and are completely compatible with the SnowPlus Lite and SnowPlus Pro devices. Each pod has capacity for 2mL of e-liquid, and an atomizer with a cotton wick. Here at 180 Smoke, we have pods in eight delicious flavours:

SnowPlus Classic pods

These pods stand out for their classic fine, smooth mouthfeel flavour, with a stronger hit. Each pod has capacity for 1.5mL of e-liquid, and a ceramic atomizer designed to enrich the flavour of the vapor.

We currently have SnowPlus Classic pods in seven different flavours:

  • Raspberry: Mix of sweet & tart berry flavours.  

  • Watermelon: Juicy melon flavour.

  • Mint: Refreshing mix of menthol, arctic chill, and mild fruit flavour.

  • Lychee: Sweet flora fruit flavour.

  • Mango: Tropical succulent mango flavour.

  • Classic tobacco: Deep rich classic tobacco flavour coupled with cocoa and caramel notes.

  • Dark sparkle: Cool and classic cola flavours.

SnowPlus Premium pods

These pods have been created through partnerships with leading Canadian e-liquid brands (Ace, Explore, and Brite) renowned for their premium quality. If you like any of these brands then you know exactly the type of quality and rich flavours you can expect from this amazing collaboration. Packaged locally with the Canadian line, these pods also have capacity for 2mL of e-liquid and an atomizer with a cotton wick.

We offer nine pod flavour varieties:

(Ultimate 60) Fuji Mama: Blend of berries, apples, and nectarines.

About SnowPlus pods

These pods are a high-quality line of products by SnowPlus, a leading independent global vape brand that designs products in-house using state-of-the-art research and development centres. 

The brand prioritizes innovation, quality, satisfaction, and a reasonable price, which is exactly why we are proud to sell their products. What’s more, after trying them out ourselves, we know for certain they deliver on their promises, so you can expect great things from all of their products. 

The pods exceed our expectations specifically in regard to the leak-proof seal design, flavour variety, and smoothness. A few brands have struggled with leaks in the past, so SnowPlus decided to come up with a design to get rid of that problem by introducing their triple anti-leak solution: inside the pod, they have silicone seals, surface tension and a wider airway; talk about innovation, right? 

The result is a higher-quality vaping experience given that you don’t have to worry about your juice leaking, so there is nothing distracting you from their top-notch flavours. On top of that, the SnowPlus Lite and SnowPlus Pro closed pod devices allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience, which is just the cherry on top to ensure customers’ satisfaction. 

Speaking of their flavours, they have over 20+ unique pod flavours to select from. SnowPlus pods even have a premium selection of flavours specifically made through partnerships with leading e-liquid brands like ExploreAce, and Brite, which should give you an idea of just the type of mouthwatering experience that awaits you with these pods. 

How much nicotine is in the SnowPlus Pods?

Each pod has e-liquid containing 2% nicotine (20 mg/ml nicotine strength), which is the maximum concentration allowed by federal law. You can find out more about nicotine strength here.

How do I use SnowPlus Pods?

As mentioned, the pod pack contains three pods. SnowPlus pods are locked into the SnowPlus devices through a magnetic power connection. The bottom area of the pod is magnetically suctioned by the device’s inner ring mid-head, ensuring the connection. You can easily insert and pull out the pods with one hand whenever you need to replace it. Once connected, you just need to take a puff to activate the atomizer. The pods feature a 4th generation double seal that prevents leaks. After exhausting the e-liquid, you can dispose of the pod responsibly or sustainably via 180 Smoke’s recycling program

Ready to try any of SnowPlus’s pod flavour varieties? Browse through all the available pods and flavours and see which one is perfect for you. Try one and give us your feedback! 

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