SnowPlus Flex Disposable Vapes

SnowPlus Flex disposable vapes are one of three SnowPlus disposable vape varieties available at 180 Smoke. The others include the SnowPlus Diamond 6000 and SnowPlus Go 3000.

SnowPlus Flex vapes are sleek, stylish and feature a pen-like design perfect for on-the-go vapers. When compared to other SnowPlus disposables with similar puff capacity—i.e., SnowPlus GO—the SnowPlus Flex stands out for some notable features like a satin-soft mouthpiece that offers vapers superior lip comfort, while maintaining the brand's colourful design. 

SnowPlus Flex disposable vapes

SnowPlus Flex disposables measure 107.5 by 25 mm and weigh 50g, which is sizable and lightweight for any on-the-go applications. The vape will fit perfectly in a vaper’s palm and any pocket.

SnowPlus Flex vapes are fitted with a pre-charged 850mAH built-in battery capable of offering uninterrupted vaping up to 3,000 puffs.

SnowPlus Flex disposable flavours

180 Smoke currently has four delicious fruity flavour varieties. Check them out below and their corresponding flavour profiles/descriptions;

  • Melon Berry Twist: Sweet and juicy. A perfect and refreshing balance of sweet and juicy flavours of crisp watermelon and ripe strawberries
  • Peach Ice: Savour sweetness. Juicy and succulent, coupled with a cool icy finish that is refreshing and satisfying
  • Sour Apple Ice: Bold and tangy. Refreshing vape taste and crispiness of sour apples coupled with a cool icy finish
  • Tropical Breeze: Tropical fruit blend. Delicious exotic taste of tropical fruits like mangos, papayas and pineapples

How much nicotine do SnowPlus Flex disposable vapes have?

The vapes have 6 ml pre-filled e-juice with 20 mg/ml nic salts, which translates to a 2% nicotine composition. This is satisfactory for beginner to seasoned vapers.

However, vapers that find 2% a bit strong can consider a lower nicotine percentage. They could also take fewer puffs per vaping session or draw lower vape clouds to control overall nicotine consumption. You can take a look at our resources to learn more about choosing the perfect nicotine strength.

How to use SnowPlus Flex disposable vapes

  • SnowPlus Flex disposable vapes are buttonless. You simply buy, unwrap, and start vaping through the mouthpiece
  • The vapes have a fixed loose MTL (mouth-to-lung vape)/restricted DTL (direct-to-lung) airflow that offers a satisfying throat hit
  • When vaping, the mesh atomizer is designed to heat the e-juice and deliver consistent flavour and cloud volume to the last puff
  • The vapes are sold pre-charged with a powerful 850 mAH battery and prefilled with 6ml e-liquid volume, so vapers simply need to enjoy the experience. 
  • The vapes don't require tedious and time-consuming tasks like charging and refilling e-liquid
  • After vaping, the mouthpiece should be wiped using anti-bacterial wipes before the vape is stored in a cool dry place. The wipes ensure the mouthpiece is clean, while the cool and dry storage environment ensures the battery doesn’t overheat and get damaged or cause other hazards like fires
  • Once your e-juice has run out, it will be time to dispose of the device responsibly. 180 Smoke has a vape recycling program alongside B&H (Benson and Hedges) and Rothmans. You can dispose of vapes in any one of 180 Smoke’s locations offering the recycling program

Benefits of SnowPlus Flex disposable vapes

There are several compelling reasons to try SnowPlus Flex vapes. They include;

  • Colourful design: SnowPlus Flex vapes are sleek and very colourful. If vape design matters to you, you'll love the vapes
  • Comfortable vaping mouthpiece: The satin soft mouthpiece is extremely comfortable, unlike most vapes of its class
  • Highly portable: SnowPlus Flex vapes aren't just pencil-like, they are also lightweight (only weigh 50g) and sizable (only measuring 107.5 by 25 mm)
  • Great flavour variety:  The SnowPlus Flex has four unique, deliciously fruity flavours available at 180 Smoke that are capable of satisfying a wide variety of vape tastes/preferences
  • Long-lasting battery and ample puffs: Lastly, the vapes have an 850 mAH pre-charged battery that is powerful enough to extract vapour clouds consistently up to the 3,000th puff

Ready to try SnowPlus Flex disposables? Check out the flavours at 180 Smoke. To enjoy incredible discounts (up to 25% savings), a welcome bonus, and special member-only pricing, among other rewards, sign up for 180 Rewards.

SnowPlus Flex vs SnowPlus Diamond 6000 vs SnowPlus Go 3000 comparison

SnowPlus Flex 

SnowPlus Diamond 6000

SnowPlus GO 3000

Puff count

3000 puffs

6,000 puffs

3,000 puffs

Battery life/capacity

850 mAH, precharged

600 mAH, rechargable

1,100 mAH, pre-charged

Vape design

Sleek, thin, pencil-like

Sleek, thick, pencil-like

Plain, thin, pencil-like

LED indicator 


LED light band, 7 colours


E-liquid volume

6 ml

12 ml

6 ml

Nicotine strength

20 mg/ml (2% nicotine)

20 mg/ml (2% nicotine)

20 mg/ml (2% nicotine)


4 flavours

5 flavours

20 flavours


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