SLiM 7500 Disposable Vapes

Indulge in a symphony of sensational flavors with SLiM 7500 Disposable Vape Series. Each SLiM 7500 vape delivers up to 7500 puffs of vapor with dual mesh coils powered by a 500mAh rechargeable battery, and multicolor battery and e-liquid level indicator lights. Available in 10 delicious flavours. Elevate your vaping journey today!

SLiM 7500 disposable vapes have been designed to offer a consistent and long-lasting flavourful experience. They also cater to the tastes of sophisticated vapers with their sleek matte finish. The vapes have other notable features, like a powerful 500mAh internal battery that is rechargeable and capable of powering the device to the last puff. SLiM 7500 disposable vapes also have multicolour e-liquid and battery indicators.

SLiM 7500 disposable vapes

At 120g in weight and only 15 x 2 x 5cm in dimensions, SLiM vapes are small in size but deliver huge amounts of delicious vapor when you consider their high puff count. The pocket friendly frame is perfect for on-the-go vaping, easy handling (fits perfectly on your hand), and convenient storage.

Notable features like the dual vertical mesh coil technology (advanced coil technology) allow the vapes to optimize heating for an elevated vaping session characterized by increased flavour and denser vapor clouds.

SLiM 7500 disposable vape flavours

180 Smoke offers 10 vibrant SLiM 7500 disposable vape flavours offering a multitude of delightful taste adventures. The flavours and their respective profiles/descriptions include:

How much nicotine do SLiM 7500 disposable vapes have?

The vapes have 14 ml e-liquid containing 20 mg/ml nic salts, which translates to 2% nicotine content. Most vapers (beginners and seasoned vapers) will find e-liquid 20 mg/ml ideal. However, there’s more you can learn about choosing nicotine strength that matches your preferences perfectly and a wide range of topics in our resources

How to use a SLiM 7500 disposable vape

To vape, simply unpack your disposable vape device and take a puff to automatically activate the device. You can begin with light puffs and increase puff size and consumption rate as desired. The device has indicator lights at the bottom that will let you know when your battery and e-liquid run out.

When running low on the battery charge, simply recharge the device and use it to the last puff. Store your SLiM 7500 vape in a dry and cool place away from children. Remember to wipe the mouthpiece before and after use.

Benefits of SLiM 7500 disposable vapes

The main reasons to buy SLiM 7500 vapes include:

  • The high number of puffs and extended vaping experience: The vapes have up to 7500 puffs, which is ideal for a long-lasting portable superior vaping experience
  • Sizable: The vapes weigh 120g only and measure 15 x 2 x 5cm in dimensions which is ideal for on-the-go vaping.
  • Battery and e-liquid indicator lights: Slim 7500 vapes will let you know when you are low on charge, and e-liquid
  • Sleek design: The matte finish looks elegant and sophisticated
  • Ample and unique flavour variety: 180 Smoke has 10 unique flavours to try out. The disposable vapes offer the perfect balance of flavour and convenience.

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