RELX x Bubblemon Disposable Vape (5mL)

Check out our latest product: RELX/Bubblemon disposable vapes. RELX x Bubblemon vapes are a result of RELX and Bubblemon collaborating to offer the world an array of ten deliciously fruity and pocket-friendly vapes.

Disposable vape devices created in collaboration between RELX and Bubblemon, combining the latest in innovative technology with some of the world's best flavours.

About RELX & Bubblemon

RELX International is a multinational company that sells a wide range of vaping-related products and has become China’s top-selling brand. The company was established in 2017 and is now renowned globally for its dedication to research and technological innovations in the vape industry, and let’s not forget its main selling point: the undeniable and consistent quality of its products.  Bubblemon, on the other hand, is an equally important brand. Currently, it is a leading producer of flavours in South Korea, specifically recognised for its extensive range of disposable vapes that come with its signature line of fruity flavours.

Now, let’s put those two together: RELX and Bubblemon have decided to team up! Two huge world-renowned vape brands have come together to collaborate and offer vapers a unique selection of fruity-flavoured and very well-designed disposable vapes. 

These new vapes had some big shoes to fill, given the impact that both brands have had individually and the undeniably delicious flavours they have been presenting. They have honestly exceeded our expectations, both in terms of design features and flavours. They feature a transparent e-liquid compartment, or oil cabinet, that allows you to monitor the precise amount of e-liquid left in the vape. You also get 14 very unique fruit flavours to choose from.

The RELX/Bubblemon vapes are a perfect combination of what's great about the two already outstanding brands and we can't wait for you to try one or more of their 14 vape flavours. 

Now, let’s get into the juicy details of this much-awaited collaboration: 

RELX/Bubblemon disposable vapes

The vapes are designed to offer vape enthusiasts an incredible fruit-filled vaping experience on the go. Each disposable vape offers up to 1600 puffs and comes with an 850mAh pre-charged battery, which definitely offers enough power until the last puff.  

There are many reasons why these vapes stand out. Other than their 14  top-notch fruity flavours, they also offer smoother puffs thanks to their ceramic coil. In terms of their design, their 5mL capacity means it is very portable, and they come in an unquestionably sleek and colourful design (as has become a staple with Boblemon), it also has a unique glow that is activated when you are vaping as well as a transparent oil cabinet that shows the e-liquid level. 

RELX x Bubblemon vape varieties

180 Smoke is offering all 14 vape flavours:

Every RELX/Bubblemon vape variety comes prefilled with 5ml e-liquid. The vapes have an MTL (mouth-to-lung) airflow mechanism, which directs vapour into the mouth first and then into the lungs. This mechanism produces just enough vape and allows users to get the real essence of the flavours.

How much nicotine is in RELX/Bubblemon vapes?

Each vape has an e-liquid with 19mg/ml nicotine strength (or 1.9% of nicotine). If you’d like more information about nicotine strength, or nicotine salt vs. freebase nicotine, you can click here to learn everything about how to choose the perfect nicotine strength for you. 

How to use RELX/Bubblemon vapes

Using the vapes is as simple as inhaling through the mouthpiece. Since these are disposable vapes they are activated automatically when you inhale. As mentioned, RELX/Bubblemon vapes have a transparent e-liquid compartment that lets you know the level of your e-liquid at any time, which will help you be absolutely certain of when your juice has run out. After exhausting the 1600 puffs, you can dispose of the vape and start browsing through our catalogue to see which delicious new flavour you’ll try next. 

Are you as excited as we are about this RELX / Bubblemon collaboration? Then wait no more! Head on over to our site and browse through the multiple flavours and designs. If you have ever tried a RELX vape or a Bubblemon one before, then you know exactly why this new product is so thrilling, so try one out and let us know what you think!

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