Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor was created by a team of ex-smokers that have quickly become a leading retailer and manufacturer for cannabis vaporizing products.


By combining innovative technology and high-quality materials, Mig Vapor has defined their products in a unique way that finds an intersection between premium manufacturing and affordability. In this section, you’ll find all the Mig Vapor products carried by 180 Smoke, many of which are designed to work with various e-cigarette mods.

Designed by Mig Vapor, all of the products in this section focus on herbal combustion, whether it be dry herb or herbal concentrates. Each of the devices and products are constructed from high-quality materials and are specifically built to maximize vaporization efficiency with whatever material is being used.

Unique to Mig Vapor’s products is their use of standard 510 connectors for the majority of their products. 510 connections are standard in the e-cigarette industry, meaning the majority of Mig Vapor’s products will work with e-cigarette mods and batteries. This design feature makes Mig Vapor’s products quite appealing to established e-cigarette users, as it allows them to use a single battery for two distinct materials. Mig Vapor also includes recommended wattages for the device being used and the material being vaporized.

Based out of Pompano Beach, Florida, Mig Vapor was established by a group of ex-smokers, looking to design products that allowed for an option aside from combustion. This idea became the driving concept behind all of Mig Vapor’s products and led to the innovative herbal vaporization products currently carried by 180 Smoke.

As with all herbal vaporizers, Mig Vapor’s products work by heating a material to the point of vaporization, while avoiding combustion and burning. This process requires a device to reach a specific temperature, while not exceeding it. Unlike combustion, which results in a decent amount of loss, vaporization better preserves the flavour and potency of whatever material is being used.

When using an herbal vaporizer for the first time, it’s paramount you understand how the device works and how the device should be maintained. Take the time to carefully read the included manual and be sure to check out our article on our Vaping Wiki to better understand how to properly use your new vaporizer. It should also be noted that vaporization is much more potent when compared to combustion, so start slow and learn your limits.

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