180 Smoke Rewards Program - Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: July 4th, 2022

The 180 Rewards Program, referred to in these Terms and Conditions as “180 Rewards”, is the rewards and recognition program owned and operated by 180 Smoke Vape Store, 2360149 Ontario Inc, referred to in these Terms and Conditions as “The Company” or “we” or “our” or “us”. The “Effective Date” shown above is the date upon which these Terms and Conditions come into force. These Terms and Conditions will remain in force until such time as new Terms and Conditions supersede these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions replace any and all Terms and Conditions that we may have provided to you and govern your ongoing participation as a member of the 180 Rewards Program. By accessing or participating in 180 Rewards, you agree to be bound by these terms and all terms incorporated herein by reference. If you do not agree to these terms, do not access or participate in the 180 Smoke Rewards Program.

You agree that we may provide updates, notices, disclosures and amendments to these Terms and Conditions, and other information relating to the 180 Rewards Program by electronic means, including posting such information and materials online at https://www.180smoke.ca/.

Notice: effective Jan 3, 2024 we are no longer offering 180 Rewards points in exchange for product reviews.



Section 1 – Membership Eligibility and Overview

The 180 Rewards Program is a free Loyalty Program offered by 180 Smoke to its customers located in Canada. Membership in the Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. You must be over the age of majority in your respective jurisdiction and a legal resident of Canada to be eligible for Membership.

To join the Program, visit one of 180 Smoke’s participating retail locations or www.180smoke.ca and follow the prompts to create an account. You will be required to provide the following information: 

  • Full legal name as it appears on your government issued identification
  • Valid email address


Section 2 - Earning 180 Rewards Points 

You can earn 180 Rewards points by making merchandise purchases at participating 180 Smoke Vape Store retail locations in Canada, or from www.180smoke.ca in the following way: 

  • Bottled E-liquids: 1 (one) point for every $1 (one) Canadian dollar spent
  • Vaporizers, Kits, Batteries and Accessories: 1 (one) point for every $2 (two) Canadian dollars spent
  • Closed Pods Systems, Pre-filled Pods, Disposables, & Nicotine Pouches: 1 (one) point for every $4 (four) Canadian dollars spent
  • Heat-not-Burn Products (Hardware & Consumables): Excluded

Note that the dollar spent is rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

Any reference to merchandise or the value of merchandise in these Terms for purposes of collecting 180 Rewards includes select 180 Smoke products sold at participating 180 Smoke Vape Store retail locations in Canada and online. It does not include payment for gift cards, taxes, and shipping.

We may offer bonus points events from time to time and in that circumstance the bonus points offer would apply. Separate Terms and Conditions will apply to each bonus points offer.


Section 3 – Redeeming 180 Smoke Rewards Points 

180 Rewards can be redeemed at participating 180 Smoke Vape Store retail locations or at www.180smoke.ca. 180 Rewards can only be redeemed to offset the purchase of vaping hardware and accessories, herbal vaporizers and accessories, disposables, and e-liquids. 180 Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash or be used to offset the purchase of heat-not-burn products, shipping, taxes, or gift cards. You are not required to redeem during checkout at retail location or online. Loyalty Points

180 Rewards must be redeemed in full. You need to accumulate a minimum of 180 points before you can use your points to offset the purchase of eligible products.180 Rewards points are converted at a value of $8.95 for 180 points (or $0.0497222 for one point).

For example, if the amount of your purchase eligible for redemption is $18. You have 180 points accumulated and you elect to redeem. You must use all 180 points against this transaction. Your points reduce the cart value by $8.94 and then, you pay $9.06 plus applicable shipping and taxes for your order. Alternatively, if you have 900 points accumulated and you elect to redeem. Your points reduce your eligible cart value to zero and unused points will remain in your account.

Note that the converted dollar value is rounded down to the nearest cent.


Section 4 – Returns 

For information about how 180 Smoke handles returns, please read our Return Policy. Your 180 Rewards points balance may be impacted by returns as follows:

  • If you return merchandise purchased with a credit card, debit card, EMT or cash (note: an original receipt or gift receipt is required), 180 Smoke may deduct Loyalty Points earned in connection with your purchase
  • If you return merchandise purchased (full or partial) with 180 Rewards (note: an original receipt or gift receipt is required), 180 Smoke may return 180 Rewards used and/or deduct 180 Rewards earned in connection with your purchase
  • If you void a purchase, 180 Smoke will deduct the 180 Rewards that you earned for that purchase

Section 5 - Account Inactivity and Termination of Membership

All 180 Rewards points accumulated in an account deemed “Inactive” by the company are forfeited. Unless otherwise specified in writing in electronic format by the company, your loyalty account becomes inactive if you have not accumulated or redeemed 180 Rewards for 12 consecutive months. If your account is inactive for 5 consecutive years, we reserve the right to terminate your loyalty account membership and re-assign your loyalty card number. Membership in the 180 Rewards Program can be revoked or terminated at any time, for any reason, without compensation or notice. Failure to provide a valid email address to the Company for the purposes of registering your loyalty membership will result in the termination of your membership without notice. If you feel your 180 Rewards account has expired in error, please email Customer Service at [email protected] for assistance.

You are permitted to close your loyalty account at any time without cost or penalty. Upon closing your account, you will forfeit all accumulated 180 Rewards points immediately. To close your 180 Rewards account, please email Customer Service at [email protected] for assistance.

All active and inactive loyalty accounts automatically terminate upon the bankruptcy of the company.


Section 6 - No Property or Vested Rights

The accumulation of 180 Rewards points does not entitle members to any vested rights. 180 Rewards cannot be assigned, sold, traded, or otherwise transferred except as may be authorized in writing by the company at its sole discretion. 180 Rewards have no monetary value and cannot form the basis of a financial claim against the Company or its partners under any circumstances.


Section 7 - Issue and Error Adjustments

The Company reserves the right to correct erroneous balances of 180 Rewards in the case of errors at any time and for any reason with or without notice. 180 Rewards accumulated at a rate not indicated in Section 2 of these Terms and Conditions will result in a correction to your Loyalty Points balance by the company.


Section 8 - Limitation of Liability

By participating in the 180 Rewards Program, you agree to release and discharge 180 Smoke Vape Store, 2360149 Ontario Inc, our affiliates and representatives, and each of our respective officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors and assigns, from any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage, or expense asserted by any person or entity including, without limitation, relating in any way to the 180 Rewards Program, your participation in the 180 Rewards Program, or the accumulation or redemption or use of any product obtained in connection with the 180 Rewards Program.

The Company assumes no liability to you for any reason due to any change or termination of the 180 Rewards Program or any changes in accumulation or redemption requirements or values, or for any errors relating to your membership or account information.


Section 9 – Severability 

If any provision or part of a provision of these Terms and Conditions is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that provision or part of the provision is deemed severable from these Terms and Conditions and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

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