E-liquide Charlie's Chalk Dust

{{block type="cms/block" block_id="194"}} Rempli de saveurs audacieuses et délicieuses, Charlie's Chalk Dust s'est imposée comme l'un des meilleurs e-liquides de haute gamme disponibles sur le marché. Que vous soyez à la recherche de quelque chose à base de desserts ou de fruits, Charlie's Chalk Dust vous a couvert et vous incitera à revenir pour plus. Depuis sa sortie initiale, Charlie’s Chalk Dust a continué de se développer et comprend désormais Pachamama, Charlie’s Salts et Pachamama Salts.

As a young boy, Charlie was already a savvy businessman, going door-to-door selling homegrown zucchinis to the neighbourhood housewives and painted rocks in the same people in the winter. This entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in Charlie by his father, who was a successful solicitor that would ring a bell every time a sale was made. Eventually, Charlie’s father retired and opened a successful restaurant that served up small bites, desserts, and artisan soda.

Shortly after this, Charlie graduated from selling vegetables and rocks to becoming the only paperboy in town. Charlie proved to be incredibly successful in this role, but he didn’t feel like he was worthy yet to ring that bell his father still held onto. Frustrated with his inability to match his father, Charlie decided to find a new venture to succeed in. As he stared at his father’s bell, now behind a chalkboard that his father wrote daily specials on, Charlie finally found something he truly wanted to pursue. With a delicious pastry in hand, Charlie’s Chalk Dust was formed and the rest is history.

Whether or not you choose to believe this amazing story is up to you, but what you should take away is Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s commitment to success and their ability to craft something compelling and creative. Both these aspects have found their way into the e-liquids crafted by Charlie’s Chalk Dust and how the brand approaches the vaping industry.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of the most popular e-liquids and has multiple flavour profiles. These flavour busting e-liquids come in nic salt and freebase vapers. The popularity of these juices has made them able to create new flavours with exotic flavour profiles. The endless variety is equipped with everything from smores to blood orange banana gooseberry. These e-juices are not only unique but robust in taste.

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