Boss Blueberry Iced Salts - Flavour Beast (30mL)

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Throw on some shades and be the Flavour Beast boss with this exquisite berry blast of plump blueberries!

Now you can enjoy Flavour Beast's Boss Blueberry Iced flavour even more with their new 30mL bottled e-liquids with 20mg/mL of nic salts. And if you prefer the convenience of prefilled vapes, we also stock a variety of Flavour Beast Flow disposables.

VG/PG: 40/60


Introducing Boss Blueberry Salts by Flavour Beast, a delectable addition to their collection of 30mL nic salts. Inspired by the success of their renowned Flow series of disposable vapes, Flavour Beast presents a mouthwatering blend of juicy blueberries infused with nicotine salts.

With a nicotine strength of 20mg/mL, Boss Blueberry Salts provide a satisfying hit that caters to vapers seeking a smooth nicotine experience. The carefully balanced VG/PG ratio of 40% VG and 60% PG ensures optimal vapor production and flavor intensity, resulting in a delightful vaping session.

What sets Boss Blueberry Salts apart is the flexibility to use them with any preferred vaping device. This empowers vapers to customize their experience according to their preferences, offering a more personalized and tailored vaping session. By using their own device, vapers can adjust settings and fine-tune the flavor and vapor production to suit their liking. Additionally, using the 30mL bottle of Boss Blueberry Salts offers a cost-effective solution compared to disposable vapes, providing long-term savings.

Flavour Beast maintains their commitment to exceptional quality and safety, ensuring that each bottle of Boss Blueberry Salts meets stringent standards and undergoes thorough testing. Vapers can indulge in this premium product with confidence, knowing they are enjoying a top-notch vaping experience.

In conclusion, Boss Blueberry Salts by Flavour Beast deliver a luscious blueberry flavor with the convenience of customization on personal devices. With a nicotine strength of 20mg/mL, a well-balanced VG/PG ratio, and the cost-effective 30mL bottle, vapers can enjoy a tailored and affordable vaping experience. Embrace the freedom to customize your vape with Boss Blueberry Salts and savor the succulent blueberry goodness with every puff.


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