Based out of Los Angeles, California, asModus is a premium American vapor company that showcases some of the most brilliantly designed products at exceptionally affordable prices. Built with a commitment to excellence and innovation, each asModus mod is meant to offer the best vaping experience possible. In terms of their offerings, asModus mods strike an incredible balance between eye-catching exterior construction and impressive internal capabilities.

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Established in 2014, asModus is an American vapor company, based out of Los Angeles, that focuses its efforts on creating some of the best devices currently available in the vaping market. As a leading vape manufacturer, asModus sets itself apart from the competition thanks to their commitment to the customer experience. This ethos has served the brand well, as their mods are often leading examples of innovation in the vaping industry.

Perhaps best known for their striking designs, asModus has managed to expertly blend unique and comfortable designs with premium internal components. In terms of capabilities, asModus mods generally focus on high power, customizability, and cutting edge temperature control. These capabilities make asModus devices compelling to advanced and experienced vapers, many of whom are looking for mods that give them a distinct sense of control over their vaping experience.

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