Waka soMatch MB6000 Disposable Pod Kit: Mango Peach (1pk)

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The Waka soMatch MB6000 Mango Peach disposable vape kit delivers up to 6000 puffs of vapor with a 12mL pod containing a mesh atomizer, powered by a removeable 500mAh battery that recharges via USB C.


Attention: Overcharging your rechargeable disposable device or using an improper cable and adapter can lead to reduced battery performance, overheating, and other safety issues. Please follow the recommended charging instructions, unplug the device once it's fully charged, and avoid leaving the device plugged in for extended periods.

Waka soMatch MB6000 disposable vape kits by RELX are designed to deliver the convenience of a large capacity disposable vape, with a removable battery that reduces waste and lowers ongoing costs.

180 Smoke Vape Store also offers a wide range of other Waka soMatch MB6000 disposable vape kit flavours, including:

How to Use

Take out the pod from the package.

Remove the silicone plug on top and sticker at the bottom of the pod.

Insert the pod into your device.

Inhale and get started.

Not compatible with other products

The WAKA soMatch device is intended to be used only with genuine WAKA soMatch pods. The WAKA soMatch device should not be used with pods made by other manufacturers.

LED Notifications

The LED light on your soMatch device provides you with information about the remaining battery. Please see below for details:


Lighting Display


In use

Green  LED flashes slowly

Blue LED flashes slowly

Red LED flashes slowly

Red LED flashes 10 times

>70% Battery

10%-70% Battery

No Battery


White LED flashes slowly

Constant green LED


Fully charged

When the light turns red, the battery is below 30% and the WAKA soMatch device should be recharged when possible.

Charging Information​

USB Type-C Fast Charging​

Safety warnings and instructions

Care must be taken when using or carrying this product. If the device is dropped, burned, punctured, squeezed, or exposed to liquids it may be damaged. If you suspect that the device or the device battery is damaged, cease use immediately and contact our Customer Service.


The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and is not intended to be removed or replaced by the user. DO NOT disassemble the device or remove the battery yourself; such removal voids the device and product warranty. Removing the battery may cause electrical sparks, over- heating, and may result in fire, explosion, or release of harmful substances. If you suspect the battery to be damaged, please contact our Customer Service immediately.

Avoid contact with high temperatures, do not incinerate

Do not place the device in proximity to direct sources of heat, direct exposure to sunlight, or in environments of high temperatures (above 60ºC/140ºF). Contact with high temperatures will damage the battery which will cause malfunction and could result in fire, explosion, or release of harmful substances.

Avoid electrical overload

The device and the lithium-ion battery within the device are both designed to withstand a certain charging current. Exposing the device to currents exceeding this maximum may cause rapid heating of the battery and the device, and could result in the device overheating and possibly catching on fire.

Toxic exposure

Lithium-ion batteries contain caustic and toxic chemical compounds. If the battery is physically damaged or pierced, avoid contact with the skin and eyes and dispose of the device immediately. If the eyes or skin have been exposed to the matter contained within the battery, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water immediately, and seek medical attention.

Avoid exposure to liquids

This product is not waterproof, and should not be made wet or exposed to liquids. Please do not soak or expose the device to significant amounts of any liquids, including water, sea water, or beverages.

Battery maintenance during long-term storage

If you are not planning on using the device for a long time, it is recommended that you recharge the battery at least once every six months. If the battery is not recharged within six months, it may start losing electrical capacity, degrading battery performance.

When flying

Please do not use in non-smoking areas. Store your WAKA products in carry-on baggage, and separate the pods from other valuables.

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling

This product should not be treated as household waste; instead, it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

First-aid treatment

This product contains a nicotine solution. Contact with the skin or eyes may cause irritation. Wash any areas of skin coming into contact with the liquid thoroughly with water. For eye contact, flush with water and seek medical attention. If swallowed, rinse the mouth and seek medical attention. When seeking medical advice, have the product containers or label available.

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