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Card Processing

Vape & E-Cigarette & Debit Credit Card Payment Processing

Merchant Account & Payment gateway provider for taking Visa, MasterCard, American Express online (e-commerce) and in your store (physical terminal)

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Are you an existing or brand new Vape store selling e-juices, e-cigarettes and herbal vaporizers looking for a full-service payment processor? Look no further.

As a vape store operating online and through retail brick & mortar stores since 2013, we have worked with many credit card processors and merchant account providers. We understand the needs a vape store has and can help you get processing at a reasonable rate from our processing suppliers. You get the same aggresive rates as us, and fast turn around from contacting us to selling within a short order. Above all things, we have a commitment from our processors that there are no locked contracts, month to month so you can leave anytime with no penalty.


Vape Friendly

So that you are not declined because you operate a vape business selling e-juices (e-liquid), e-cigarettes and related vape accessories.

Better rates despite being a High Risk Industry

We have built trust and history with our processors for over 5 years, and that gets us really reasonable rates.

Simple and convenient application process

We have worked with our payment processor providers to streamline and simplify the application process.

Both Online and In-Store processing ability

Our processor understands that many vape shops sell both online and in-store to make shopping convenient for customers

Works with most popular ecommerce and custom platforms

Current clients use Shopify, Magento, OpenCart and Volusion to a custom package. Open API to develop your own solution.

Rent or purchase credit card terminal

Our processor will work with you to either lease you or help you buy your credit card machine for your retail store.

Why use our payment processor?

Our credit /debit card processor is a leading supplier across Canada with thousands of merchants and has been in the business for 20 years and specifically working with e-cigarette, e-juce and vape vendors for over half a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all do I need to accept credit card payments?

When you seek credit card processing ability, you are essentially applying for approval from a payment gateway and a merchant account to hold your funds.

Q: What is a merchant account?
A: Is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments in multiple ways, typically debit and credit cards.

Q: What is a payment gateway?
A: A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers.

What does the process of applying and approval involve?

The process is simple and involves following steps:

1. Fill basic application form with particulars of your needs and information about the business.
2. Your Payment Processor contact will fill the official application based on this information and sent it to you for verification and signing.
3. Submit the application and wait for any further questions or approval within 3-5 business days. With the approval, you will get details that you need to get started with accepting payments.
4. If you are accepting payments online, connect your new payment processing account to your e-commerce platform using a plugin / coding.
5. If you are accepting payments in store, you will have to lease a credit card terminal which your contact at the payment processor will discuss with you.
6. Run a test transaction and you are all setup.

Do I have to have a registered business?

Yes, you have to have a legally registered business and you should be a director on the company, or authorized contact.

How often will I get paid?

You get paid typically within 1-5 business days depending on factors such as your risk profile and supporting documents.

What fees am I charged for payment processing?

There are two main charges when accepting credit card payments. However, you only pay the specific charges based on the type of credit card your client has.

Transaction Pricing (one or more of following based on type of card your client has)
- Visa credit rate / MasterCard credit rate
- Non Qualification fee
- Visa and MasterCard credit assessment fee
- Visa and MasterCard foreign assessment fee
- Visa and MasterCard credit authorization fee
- Visa and MasterCard credit foreign transaction fee
- Visa Debit Rate
- Visa Debit Assessment Fee
- Visa Debit Authorization fee

Gateway / Merchant account Pricing
- One time set up fee
- Monthly gateway account fee
- Gateway transaction fee