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Uwell Crown 3 Coils

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This is a package of four (4) coils for the Uwell Crown 3 Tank.

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This is a package of four (4) coils for the Uwell Crown 3 Tank.

They come in two options: 0.25Ω or 0.5Ω.

These coils are not compatible with any other model of the Uwell Crown tanks.

These are only for the CROWN 3



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Review by HJD
(Posted on 2017-09-06)

I first tried the .25ohm coil and was very impressed with the results. The Crown 3 produces a very moist vape and very nice flavor. With that comes some significant splattering, even under recommended wattage. Also, I find that the Crown 3 will randomly leak under the air band adjustment ring. Care must be taken to not over draw. I believe this is mainly due to the negative pressure create from the pull.

This doesn't seem to be as much of a problem with the .5ohm coils. Flavor is also descent and longevity seems to be fairly good. There are trade offs between the 2 coils. For me, the biggest disappointment is the leakage. UWELL needs a top flow air design.

Compared to the Aspire EXO: it never leaks, has the driest vape and with that, great flavor. But the UWELL wins in it's design and size and so far, it's thread-less atomizers...get some!

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