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Browse a selection of flavors from 180 Smoke's Classic Line. All steeped and ready to use, or create a unique mix tailored to your own liking.


E-Juice / E- Liquid Made in Canada

E-Juice, also called e-liquid is the liquid used by personal vaporizers to produce smoke like effect. However, there is no smoke produced by the e-liquid. 180 Smoke's E-juice is made in Canada from local and imported ingredients. These vape juice contain three types of ingredients (1) mixing agents like Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin as the base (2) Flavourings for the taste and (3) Nicotine when requested. Nicotine is represented in mg/Ml (e.g. 6mg/mL, which is about 0.6% Nicotine by volume), and comes in various strengths including no-nicotine. Please read important notice about nicotine at the bottom of this site.
180 Smoke's E-Juices are pre-steeped, and ready to use out of bottle. You can mix them to create new flavours to your personal liking!

Also known as: e liquid, eliquid, ejuice, vape juice

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