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Organic Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick 'N' Vape

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Organic Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick 'N' Vape is easy to use, requiring minimal effort and little waste for clean and effective results. 100% pure organic fibers are durable and produce pure, clean flavor.



Organic Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick 'N' Vape

Organic Cotton Bacon by Wick 'N' Vape is engineered by vapers, for vapers. Each pack contains 10x 4 inch strips of densely packed fibers that easily pull apart, wicking simply and neat with little waste. Provides the purest, cleanest flavor possible. Durable, simple to use, and long lasting.


  • Packaged in a resealable travel sized bag for on the go.
  • Clean tasting cotton for enhanced flavor.
  • 100% US Organic Cotton
  • Organic Cotton conforms to USP standards of Pharmaceutical cotton as well as FDA's CFR's for Food Contact Substance
  • Each bag comes with 10 strips of cotton.
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Review by SpankDangler
(Posted on 2018-09-26)

After trying several different brands of cotton, I've decided to exclusively use Cotton Bacon from now on. The amount you receive in the packaging, the ease of use and the break in time for the price point is well worth it. Side note, 180 always seems to have this product in stock at any of their locations I've gone to.

Review by Craig
(Posted on 2018-06-21)

This stuff is awesome, so much easier. Never going back to regular cotton.