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Benefits of Vaping
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Controlled Nicotine Consumption
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"Vaping is a solution that was created by smokers for themselves because the medical approach has failed them."

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Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

What is E-Liquid or E-Juice?

Fluid that e-cigarettes use to produce vapour.

what's in it?


A combination of a natural and synthetic USP-grade flavourings are used to achieve the perfect flavour balance.


If you choose, nicotine may be included in the e-liquid.


A simple polyol compound that is colourless, odourless and viscous, typically produced from plant oil. Vegetable glycerin is responsible for producing a smooth inhale and visible vapour.


A colourless, nearly odourless thinner liquid with a faintly sweet taste. Propylene glycol is known for carrying flavours and providing a satisfying throat hit.

Battery Safety

How Much Nicotine Should I Use?

Mouth to lung Devices

In mouth to lung devices, where vapor is first drawn into the mouth before being inhaled to the lungs, higher levels of nicotine are required to achieve optimal absorption. These guidelines are based on any pen-style or box e-cigarette device being used between 8-15 watts.

18MG/1.8% Nicotine-full pack of cigarettes per day (25) or more
12MG/1.2% Nicotine-Half pack of cigarettes per day (10-15)
6MG/0.6% Nicotine-Quarter pack of cigarettes per day (5-10)
3MG/0.3% Nicotine-Less than quarter pack of cigarettes per day (<5)
0MG/0% Nicotine-zero cigarettes per day

Direct to lung Devices

The vapour from direct to lung devices is taken directly into the lungs. This devices will procedure a larger volume of vapor per inhale, meaning that the nicotine will be more effectively dispersed into the body. Therefore, lower levels of nicotine can be used to achieve the same effect as mouth-to-lung devices.

18mg/1.8% Nicotine-Not recommended
12mg/1.2% Nicotine-Not recommended
6MG/0.6% Nicotine-Full pack of cigarettes per day (25)
3MG/0.3% Nicotine-Half pack of cigarettes per day (10-15)
1.5MG/0.15% Nicotine-Less than half of a pack of cigarettes per day (<10)
0MG/0% Nicotine-Zero cigarettes per day

Smokers can now switch to vaping without the hassle. Try one of these simple vapes that mimic the experience of smoking but with reduced harm.

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Frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes and vaping

What is an electronic cigarette (e-cig)?
E-cigarettes/vapes use a battery (similar to cell phones and laptops) to power a replaceable coil which vaporizes e-liquid with a flavour and nicotine strength of your choosing. E-cigarettes are available in a wide variety of sizes, strengths, and capacities.
Why switch to e-cigarette and vaping?
Save money, feel better, and enjoy a variety of flavours.
Can e-cigarette help me stop smoking?
E-cigarettes and vaping are a harm-reduction alternative to smoking. Millions of customers have used vaping to transition their nicotine addiction to a less harmful option. After switching, most customers slowly reduce their nicotine strength, and some are able to wean off nicotine completely, but all this is a matter of personal biology and willpower.
Are there laws about e-cigarette use in public?
In most regions, vaping is subject to the same laws smoking in public places. Vaping in bars, restaurants, patios, and other regulated public spaces is not commonly allowed unless the establishment or property owner gives direct consent.
Are e-cigarettes and vaporizers safe to use?
Yes, with the proper care and information. In 2015, Public Health England announced that e-cigarettes are about 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Just like other electronic devices, they need proper handling and regular maintenance, depending on the type of device. Read all instructions and only use approved chargers. Beginners should start with basic beginner devices found in the starter kit section. Advanced users should not modify the battery or other parts of the device.
Are there side effects of e-cigarette and vaping?
There are no major side effects known to be caused directly from vaping, except that a very small fraction of customers may be allergic or sensitive to propylene glycol (PG), which simply creates some irritation in the throat. All known side effects are typically associated with cigarette withdrawal and the body's transition, and are not due to vaping itself.
Does nicotine juice cause cancer?
No, nicotine does not and has never caused cancer. Nicotine used in vape juice, e-cigarettes and other vapes is the same grade as typically found in NRT patches, gums, and sprays. It has never found to be carcinogenic. Nicotine via traditional cigarettes are highly carcinogenic due to combustion. Vaping avoids all combustion.
How long will my e-cigarette last?
The type of device and how you care for it are major factors in how long your e-cigarette will last.
Should I use e liquid / vape juice with nicotine?
Preferably, you should use no nicotine. However, if you cannot do without nicotine, it is recommended to start off with enough nicotine to satisfy your craving and then wean yourself down and, ultimately, off. This is not medical advice and simply opinion based on anecdotal information from customers and users.
What is the right e-juice nicotine strength for me?
Nicotine strength varies from person to person based on their individual smoking habit (type of cigarettes, length of puff, time smoke is kept inside lungs, etc.). It also varies based on device (how much vapour is produced will change how much nicotine gets delivered). However, we have some guidelines for consideration based on anecdotal data. It is important to select the correct nicotine strength that works for you. Each flavour comes in a variety of strengths.